Most people want an attractive green lawn. The way many choose to better their lawn is by planting grass seed. There are a few easy steps involved in planting good grass seed.

What Seeds to Plant

It is important to choose the best seed for your lawn. There are a few popular brands of seed such as Greenview and Scott’s. An easy way to tell if the seed is high quality is to see if it has been approved by the National Turf Evaluation Program. High quality seed is more likely to grow well and have good color.
When to Plant

Grass seed does not grow well in temperatures that are too high or too low. The best times of year to plant the seed is in spring or fall. The type of seed used also helps determine when to plant. Cool season grasses should be planted in early fall and spring, but warm season grasses should be planted in late spring or even early summer.

Preparing the Soil

It is a good idea to give grass seed the best possible start by ensuring that the soil is prepared. Start by removing items like sticks and rocks from the lawn. If items like this are left around the yard, the lawn may end up with unattractive patches where the seed did not land or grow. The top layer of soil should also be loosened. This can be done with a sturdy rake or other such lawn implement. After the top two or three inches of soil have been loosened, it is time to break up any large clumps of dirt, although it is not necessary to worry about every little clump in the yard.

Planting the Seed

The grass seed should be spread evenly across the entire lawn. This can be done by hand, lawn spreader, or mechanical seeder. It is important to not spread too much seed or too little in one area. Too much in one area causes the seeds to compete as well as using up the seed supply. Too little in an area can cause the grass to be patchy or thin. About sixteen seeds per square inch is a safe rule when spreading grass seed.

Covering the Seed

When covering the seed, it is not a good idea to spread the soil thickly over the top of the seed as it may impede its growth. There only needs to be about one quarter to one half an inch of soil over the seed. At this point, one may also spread a little fertilizer or seed accelerant over the lawn.

Maintaining the Lawn

Caring for young grass is not very difficult. The lawn should be watered once or twice every day, unless it is raining of course. Do not saturate one area but instead water the entire lawn lightly. Refrain from using weed killer and pesticides for awhile after you have planted the seed. Also try to keep anything from doing excessive damage to the yard, such as vehicles being driven across the young grass.

These easy steps will allow you to plant your own seed. Planting grass seed is a great way to make your yard more attractive. This is a relatively inexpensive and efficient way to make the lawn a nice place to be.


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