One of the most desired attributes of a homeowner’s house is most often the lawn. That’s because the lawn is the first impression that people will get of a particular home. If the lawn is beautiful and green, they will most likely have a fond impression of that given home. On the other hand, if the lawn is spotty, malnourished and unhealthy looking, that first impression might be destroyed. Many people aren’t quite sure if they are capable of growing a lawn, but there is a formula to the process just like most other things. If you want to grow your lawn out so that it is luxurious and green, simply follow the steps below.

Start By Fertilizing

If your lawn is brown, dry and malnourished, a few different factors could be to blame. More than likely, the soil that is supporting your grass is not nutrient rich. You will know it is not nutrient rich if you water your lawn regularly but you still find that it will refuse to grow or stay green. At this point, you have a choice. You can either fertilize over the malnourished grass then reseed over the top, or you can completely start over by tilling up the grass you have, fertilizing and mulching the soil and then planting all new seeds. Either way, your intention should be to deliver nutrients back to the soil so that it is again able to support healthy grass.

Choose An Organic Fertilizer Or Mulch

Gone are the days of irresponsible fertilizing. Make sure you get an organic, environmentally safe type of fertilizer that will not disrupt the local animal population or disrupt the state of the ground water. There are many wonderful options for environmentally responsible fertilization. Simply mix your fertilizer or mulch into the soil where you want to cultivate more grass and plant the seed on top.

Stay Off The Grass

When you have reseeded your lawn, you have to make sure to give the lawn time to grow before you allow any foot or animal traffic on it. To remind people, simply put up a makeshift fence around the area where you are trying to cultivate more grass. When you choose your seed, also make sure you take into account how much sun the area is getting every day. There are types of seed that are designed to grow better in the shade than in the sun and vice versa.

Water Frequently And Completely

One of the main aspects of cultivating any plant is making sure the seeds get enough water in when they are germinating. This is the most important time of a plant’s life and how healthy it is able to be at this stage will determine how it looks later on. Make sure you have a sprinkler that you can have going for a few hours a day during this period of time. You are going to want to run the sprinkler for longer periods of time if you live in a particularly dry climate. Make sure when you water that the soil gets completely saturated before you turn the sprinkler off. This will give the seeds the perfect conditions begin to grow successfully.

Take Care Of Your Grass

Once you have cultivated your beautiful, lush, green lawn, don’t neglect it. Just because it’s green now doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take good care of it. Make sure your lawn gets fertilized at the beginning of growing season and that it gets enough water all year long. That will ensure that your lawn will stay lush and green for many years to come.


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