Green Lawn

Green Lawn


You might have noticed in your neighborhood the many different shades of green from neighbor to neighbor. We are not talking about wealth here; we are talking about green lawns. Sometimes, it is puzzling why in two homes which are next to each other, and apparently may have the same type of soil, one of them has a lush emerald green lawn, while the other, not so green. While that may be puzzling, there is a perfect explanation for it. Green lawns take some effort, dedication, and the right products.

A lawn must be mowed properly, feed the right nutrients, and it must be free from weeds to keep it healthy looking. Weeds are thieves who rob the lawn of its nutrients, and some types of weeds will choke your lawn preventing healthy growth. That is why weed control is one of the most important steps in keeping a healthy green lawn.

The type of soil you have will affect the growth, and the type of grass you choose will make a difference. There are many different types of grass, and some are suitable for cooler climates, others for warmer climates. When choosing a grass type make sure that you choose the one best for your climate conditions. If you have many shady areas and high traffic areas, you will have to use a combination of grasses to make the best of a green lawn. Choosing a grass that will do well in shady areas and a grass that will be tough enough for some heavy traffic will be necessary.

You will also need to select the right type of grass for the amount of rain that your particular area gets. You can also install an irrigation system, as watering a lawn properly is an important factor in keeping it green and healthy. You can install the system yourself or ask a professional to do it for you. If your budget is limited, then you can do some irrigating yourself with a hose or attaching a hose to some portable irrigating gadgets that you can find at the home improvement center.

Another important task to keep your lawn green is to aerate your lawn. This is necessary so the lawn breathes better and gets the necessary nutrients and air needed for its healthy development. Aerating the lawn is easy, and it can be fun too. You can buy aerating shoes, which have spikes at the sole and you will walk around the lawn wearing these shoes. The spikes will make holes in the ground and this will help separating and aerating the lawn. You can also buy a type of rolling tool for this job. It is advisable to do this process during the spring or during the fall. If you do it in the spring, wait after the ground has thawed. The fall is preferable.

Another important step is to fertilize your lawn. In addition, it is important to control the weed growth, as weeds will always be present, but you can control this part so they do not grow in your lawn. Now, this step is much easier since there are fertilizers in the market that also include a weed control agent. You can do this step together to save some time and money. You can find these types of products at the plant nursery or home improvement center. Slow release fertilizers are better because they release the nutrients over time, as opposed to all at once. Your lawn will receive the benefits periodically. Make sure to buy a product suitable for your type of grass. Follow the instructions in the package as many products vary in application methods.

The last part in keeping a green lawn is the mowing. You have to mow it to keep it growing healthy. It is best a mulching mower, as it will cut the grass, but also will provide mulch with the same grass cuttings. This will make your grass stronger. You should mulch your lawn when it is about three inches tall, never below that. You will have to mow the lawn more often, but the result will be a green and lush lawn.


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