Most of us have heard the old saying, “As goes the kitchen so goes the rest of the house.” As a homemaker, I can attest that nothing could be truer. A clean, well organized kitchen will set the tone for your entire home. Learning how to best utilize the space available in your kitchen will transform your chaos into cheerfulness.

Organize Silverware and Kitchen Utensils

Silverware has a tendency to get out of hand. Combat this problem by investing in a drawer organizer specifically made for this purpose. I keep two in my silverware drawer because there is so much of it. Drawer organizers are inexpensive, can be found in dollar and discount stores, and instantly pay for themselves in terms of stress reduction.

Kitchen utensils such as large spoons and spatulas are even more notorious for creating chaotic kitchen drawers. If you don’t mind having these tools displayed, consider a decorative crock that sits on your countertop, or use screw hooks on your walls or under your cabinets. If this option isn’t aesthetically pleasing to you and you have the space, then designate one drawer for this purpose and try to keep each utensil separated by category.

Organizing Pots, Pans, and Bakeware

Many people don’t realize what an asset that drawer under your freestanding range can be. Use this area to store cookie sheets, pizza pans, pie pans and more. Not only will these items stay out of sight, but they will also be readily accessible when you need them. If you do not have a free standing range, use the either above or below your stove for this purpose.

Pots and boilers can be a challenge to organize because of their size. The best idea when storing these items in your kitchen cabinets is to stack them by size inside each other. Be careful when stacking , however. This finish is easily damaged, so place a clean cloth or paper towel between each piece of cookware.

Treat bake ware in the same manner. If your casserole dish has a matching lid you can either place it on the dish upside down, or stand the lid on its side between the dishes and the cabinet wall. A is also a fantastic storage solution.

Organize Your Small Appliances

It makes sense to leave frequently used items on your countertop, but you probably don’t want to continuously display those items you use only occasionally such as toasters and mixers. If cabinet space allows, appropriating one area for small appliances is the best choice. Tucking them away in your pantry is also a very good option to organize and open up the look of your kitchen.

When organizing miscellaneous kitchen items:

Try to keep like items in one place. For example, dish cloths, towels, and potholders should be in their own drawer.
Declutter the junk drawer. Yes, we all have them, but don’t let it become a catch all. Go through it periodically to eliminate items that belong somewhere else.

Get rid of it! If you don’t use it then it’s just taking up space. Consider donating to a local charity or have a garage sale.

Organizing With Limited Space

Small kitchens can be a challenge to organize. Fortunately there are many systems today designed to make the most of the space you have. A trip to your local hardware or home improvement store may provide you with exactly what you need to tame the clutter.

You may have to move things around a few times to obtain the arrangement that works best for you. But the time involved in organizing your kitchen is well worth the knowing that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.


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