Everyone wants to have healthy, shining, clean hair. That is why the hair care industry accounts for the largest volume of sales other than food items. But, keeping hair healthy can be accomplished naturally, organically, and inexpensively.

A good diet is the first step in having healthy hair. Hair grows out of the scalp, so it makes sense that what is put into the body will affect the health and strength of what grows out of it.

Commercial Shampoos

Most commercial shampoos get hair “squeaky” clean, but that is actually stripping hair of natural protective oils. Regular shampoos contain detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate, which can be extremely irritating to skin. Detergents are cheap, foamy, and effective since they strip the oil and dirt from surfaces and then rinse clean. But they are harmful to skin, hair, and the environment as they contain chemicals and preservatives.

Natural, Organic Shampoos

The products needed to make a natural, more organic shampoo can be found in the kitchen cupboard. Quality fresh ingredients such as a mixture of an egg, drizzle of honey, ½ avocado, a tsp coconut oil and cider vinegar applied to the scalp cleans, conditions, and adds shine to hair in a natural way. Clean the scalp and work down through hair. The longer the mixture is left in the hair before rinsing, the healthier the hair will be. When using natural, fresh ingredients remember that no chemical preservatives have been added, so a new batch will have to be made each time. Adding essential oils such as chamomile will leave a pleasant scent in the hair.
While this will clean hair, some people prefer a sudsy product.

Castile Soap Shampoo

Castile is a natural soap made from a vegetable base rather than animal fat-based commercial soaps. Castile can be used to clean just about everything including hair and skin. To make a gentle shampoo:

• 12 oz unscented Castile soap
• Up to 30 drops of an essential oil

Different essential oils can be used depending on hair needs. For example

  • Control dandruff and itch – add ½ oz both tea tree oil and chamomile
  • Extra shine – 2 ½ oz lemon grass tea and rosemary oil
  • Promote hair growth – ½ oz peppermint oil if hair is dry or basil oil if hair is oily
  • Golden highlights – add chamomile for fine and normal hair
  • Once the Castile Soap shampoo is made, it can be stored in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark place. But like the natural products shampoo, it does not contain preservatives so shelf life will be shortened.

Since Castile is soap and not a detergent, it does not strip hair of oil and can leave a bit of residue on the hair. For those who want that squeaky clean feel, a rinse of diluted cider vinegar or lemon will do the trick.

Baking Soda Shampoo

Yes, hair can be cleaned just using baking soda. Wet the hair and rub a couple teaspoons baking soda into the roots. The baking soda will not only clean the hair, but also get rid of any product build-up. If suds are preferred, add the baking soda to the shampoo to get the same results.

Clean hair, healthy hair, and shiny hair can be obtained using natural products that are also kind to the environment. Experiment with natural shampoos to see what works best for you.

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