Vinyl plank flooring is an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your home and its durability make it worth the price. However, without the proper know-how, the job can be a frustrating process and the job may turn out horribly. Here are some tips to provide you with procedures that will make the job easier and better looking.

Step One: Buy the proper tools as it will make the job a whole lot easier. The tools you will need are: a tape measure, trowel, a straight-edge ruler (a metal one is preferable), a utility knife or tile cutter, a floor roller, and a tapping block. Also, buy a rubber mallet to use with the tapping block as a regular hammer may cause damage to the tapping block.

Step Two: Buy the materials at least a week in advance and leave them in the room to be floored. Seeing as the material expands and contracts based on temperature, allowing the materials to get used to the room temperature will prevent any will help prevent swelling and gaps.

Step Three: Make sure the surface you are installing the flooring on is clean and smooth. Any defects can lead to trouble down the line. Keep a Shop Vac handy to clean up any debris. If you are flooring a concrete floor, make sure it is not moist. If the concrete has recently been laid down, it is best to delay the job until the concrete has matured. The adhesive will not stick properly to new concrete and you will have to do the job all over again.

Step Four: Make sure you get the recommended adhesive. A cheap off-brand will cause problems further down the line. If the flooring has its own adhesive, then you don’t need to worry about this.

Step Five: Laying the flooring is pretty simple. It is best to start on one side of the room and work towards the other. After you lay the first row, you will want to measure a half plank and use that to start the second row. After that row has been laid, start the third row with a whole plank. Work in this pattern of whole plank, half-plank until the job is finished.

Step Six: When the job is finished, look over your work for gaps between the planks. If you find any, don’t worry: it can be solved by getting a jar of wood putty that is the same color as the flooring. Work the putty into the space then level it off.

By following these simple steps, the job will look both professional and wonderful.

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