Summer is here and there’s only one way to enjoy summer cookouts and barbecues: by eating corn on the cob! There’s no doubt that many individuals wait all year to get their hands on some delicious, fresh ears of corn, yet many people are unsure of how to cook corn on a grill. While grilling meats and poultry may be second nature to you, grilling an ear of corn may be less familiar territory. Yet you cannot beat the delicious taste of grilled corn on the cob, so let’s get started learning how to grill that perfect ear of corn!

Clean the Ears of Corn

Fortunately, this is one cooking job that is easy to tackle and has great results every time! To get started, you will need to clean the corn husks. Clean them up by removing the excess silk and any extra husk that you can see. Although not necessary, leaving on these extra hangings can cause them to burn during the grilling process. Plus, it only takes a few minutes and makes the ears of corn easier to work with.

Once they are cleaned up, place the ears of corn in water and let them soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. Put just enough water in a large bowl to cover the corn, adding moisture for when you begin grilling. This will add extra juiciness while cooking and eating the corn, something that makes each bite extra delicious!

Getting the Grill Ready

Now it is time to get your grill ready and in the meantime, the ears of corn will be soaking in water. It does not matter whether you have a charcoal or gas grill, although some people prefer the taste of a charcoal grill since it lets off a more natural, charcoal flavor. For charcoal grills, you will need to get the grill ready by placing charcoal on the grill, fully covering it with a small heap in the center. Once completed, light the charcoal with lighter fluid and let it heat up. For a gas grill, depending on the type you have, you will either need to drop a match in or use the electric dial. The grill will need to heat up and once ready, it is time to place the corn on the grill.

Grilling Corn on the Cob

Remove the ears of corn from the water and let the excess water drip off. Then place the corn on the grill and cover it. Keep in mind that it’s easy to burn the corn, so you will want to keep a close watch over the veggies. Charcoal grills grill slower, so you won’t have to turn the husks as often. Generally, about 10 to 15 minutes is fine in between turns as long as you are cooking on a small charcoal grill. Gas grills however, deliver a higher heat, so you will want to turn the corn every 5 to 10 minutes.

While you are grilling the ears of corn, know that the husks will char and even turn black. This is okay, as the water that the corn absorbed while soaking is cooking the corn inside the husk. Once the husk has a black, burnt look to it, you can remove the ears of corn from the grill using a pair of tongs. Since the corn will be very hot, you can either wait a few minutes or run it under water to remove the husk. The husk will come off easily and all you have to do is hold the bottom end of the corn and peel back the husk. If you find that the husk left behind any hangings, you can wash these off in water as well.


Grilled Corn On The Cob


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