They might seem small and insignificant to the uninitiated, but anyone who has battled a flea infestation knows that these creepy critters are no laughing matter. When left to their own devices, they will multiply exponentially and will cause unending discomfort not only to your pets, but to you and your family and guests as well. Keeping fleas out of your home is not possible if you have a yard that is infested with them. So remember that your attack must be three-pronged: treat your pets and your house, but begin with your yard. If you are eager to end the reign of these insects but don’t want to use harsh synthetic chemicals, take heart: you can get rid of fleas in your yard gently and naturally.

Natural Products: Your Best Defense

There are three safe, natural products that can be dispersed around your yard to kill fleas. The first is borax. Little did you know how helpful this simple, nontoxic household product can be in your battle against the bugs. All you need to do is spread it generously around your entire lawn for two days in a row. After that point, you only need to repeat the procedure monthly. If you are using your hands to spread the borax, use gloves to avoid irritation to them. The second thing you can spread on your lawn is pyrethrum, a substance made from the flowers of the chrysanthemum that acts as a natural insecticide. Incidentally, it is also effective against mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. To use pyrethrum, you must mix it with a synergist such as vegetable oil. Finally, consider spreading diatomaceous earth around your yard. Just keep in mind that it can be harmful to the lungs and should not be inhaled. If you usually let small children or pets run in your yard, you might not want to use this third option.

Plants and Trees as Deterrents

In addition to the techniques described above, you might want to introduce certain plants to your yard as further deterrents against fleas. These do not kill them directly, but, in general, fleas don’t enjoy being around them. You might place cedar chips around your fence line to discourage fleas from migrating into your yard from your neighbor’s land. Fleas also don’t like the smell or taste of eucalyptus trees, which are a terrific option in the right climates. Finally, you might plant rosemary in your yard or put it in containers around the perimeter, as fleas do not like its aroma either.

With these eco-friendly, safe and natural techniques in your arsenal, you should find quick and permanent success in your war against fleas. Before long, you, your family, and your pets will no longer be spending your days scratching and slapping at these annoying pests. Best of all, you will know that you have sent them packing in a way that was gentle on the environment and on the people you love.

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