Grilling is one of the most popular ways to prepare many types of vegetables. Although some are more popular than others, grilling in foil is a common method of preparing a variety of healthy vegetables. Brussel sprouts are no exception.

Choosing The Correct Foil Cooking Method

How you grill brussel sprouts in foil will depend on your particular situation as well as personal preference. The typical method of grilling brussel sprouts in foil is done by creating a boat or bowl from the foil. The brussel sprouts are then prepared over a conventional gas or charcoal grill in the foil container.

Although this is an effective method of preparing brussel sprouts in foil, it will require you to flip each individual brussel sprout during the grilling process. If you are preparing the brussel sprouts over a campfire or prefer an easier cooking method, wrapping the sprouts entirely is another great foil cooking method.

This method is done by placing your brussel sprouts on half the surface area of a large piece of foil. Be sure that an adequate space is left on the edges of the foil so that it can be wrapped easily. After the sprouts are placed evenly over half the foil sheet, fold the other half over the top and seal the edges to create a large square or rectangle.

This enclosed method allows you to flip all the brussel sprouts at once during charcoal or gas grilling. In addition to easier preparation on a grill, the wrapped sprouts can be prepared on the coals of a campfire.

Adding Flavor To Your Grilled Brussel Sprouts

While there are those that enjoy plain unseasoned vegetables, most people enjoy adding a bit of flavor to veggies before grilling. The most traditionally used seasoning for brussel sprouts is garlic. Garlic powder can be used, but freshly chopped or minced garlic is the best choice for grilling.

Onion is another flavor that works very well with brussel sprouts. Just like garlic, fresh is always preferred because the flavor will be better absorbed into the sprouts as the fresh seasonings are roasted within the foil.

A delicious, yet not well known seasoning for brussel sprouts is black strap molasses. A very light brushing of molasses combined with fresh garlic and onion will yield flavorful and perfectly caramelized brussel sprouts time after time.

Grilling Time And Tips For Brussel Sprouts In Foil

If the open foil boat or tray method is used, then the cooking time will be a few minutes longer. This also depends on the temperature of your grill. At 400 degrees Fahrenheit, brussel sprouts should be cooked around 8 minutes per side. If wrapped completely, this time may be reduced by 1 or 2 minutes per side.

An even grilling method must be used to make sure your brussel sprouts are all cooked at the same rate without burning. Never prepare brussel sprouts over open flames. Even if wrapped in foil, open flames will result in a partially raw center or burned sprouts. If charcoal is being used, it should be allowed to turn almost completely white and spread evenly before the sprouts are placed on the grill.

Flames are not an issue on most gas grills, but pre-heating is a good rule of thumb when preparing your sprouts over gas. Since you don’t have to wait for coals to burn down, many people forget the importance of pre-heating their gas grill. This not only makes cook times more approximate, but also makes certain that your sprouts cook evenly from start to finish.

Brussel sprouts may not be for everyone. For those who enjoy these tasty little green vegetables, grilling in foil is a great way to savor the robust flavor and healthy benefits of brussel sprouts.


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