Green lawns are the envy of many neighborhoods. The secret to green lush lawns is hard work, dedication, and the right product to keep it healthy. However, instead of approaching the topic on what to do to keep a healthy lawn, let’s talk about the things that we must never do.

Never over fertilize or under fertilize. We all know that to maintain green lawns we must fertilize, the problem with this is that we fertilize either too much or too little. Either can ruin a lawn. If you encourage fast growth, your lawn will grow weak. A weak lawn is easy prey for disease and bad insects.

It is better to fertilize in the fall when the grass is becoming dormant, but the roots can still get the benefits of the fertilizer and grow stronger. Fertilize according to your particular grass and the size of the area.

Never mow you lawn if it is less than two inches long. Wait until it is 3-4 inches in length. If you mow your lawn to short and too often, you will be encouraging weeds to sprout as well. Tall grass overpowers weeds, and it keeps the moisture in the soil as well as the soil cooler. This will result in a better color.

Don’t mow when the grass is wet; wait until the grass is dry. You want to let the grass clippings fall unto the floor to promote their decomposition by earth microbes. This is like composting and mulching for free. Do not collect your grass clippings, leave them on the floor, it is good for your lawn.

Don’t mow with dull blades; it is not good for your lawn. Sharpen your blades often.

Don’t collect your leaves during the fall; use them as mulching material for your lawn. The way to do this is by running over the leaves with a mulching lawn mower. The leaves will become organic material that will benefit your lawn. Good earth microbes will benefit as well.

Never use pesticides in your lawn. Some may disagree, but pesticides will kill the good insects too, as well as earthworms. Some good insects and worms help turn the soil or aerate it – this is good for the lawn, which needs aeration.

Do not overwater your lawn or water too frequently – This may sound like insane advice, but actually, you want to encourage the roots to grow deep into the soil to promote a strong lawn and strong rooting. If you water your lawn every day for about five or ten minutes, you are discouraging this growth. It is better if you water less, but for a longer period, so the water penetrates deep into the soil, and the roots go for it.


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