At some point in the life of a person’s freezer, the consumer will wonder if they ought to defrost the freezer to improve its performance and energy efficiency. Although the majority of modern types of freezers no longer require defrosting, they ought to be cleaned and thoroughly washed out from time to time. In the event that your freezer suffers from a severe ice buildup, to a level between one quarter and one half inch of thickness, then you will want to follow the instructions in this article to do it correctly.

Items That You Will Require To Perform The Defrosting Include The Following:

– Mixing bowls
– Sponges
– Ice Chests
– Dish Towels
– Hair Dryers

The first thing that you will need to do is to switch off the freezer. The freezer controls are typically located in the fridge interior. After this has been accomplished, you will need to take out all of the various food items from within the freezer. You can place them inside an ice chest while you perform the defrosting procedures.

Next you will have to take all of the ice out of the freezer. There are three different ways that you can accomplish this. You could simply leave the door of the freezer standing open; the ice will melt fairly soon. You might place a pan full of hot water inside the freezer compartment itself and then close the door. If you opt for this method, then you will want to look for your melting ice, and also to warm up the water, in each ten to fifteen minute time interval. The final way that you may be able to get the ice out of the freezer compartment lies in employing a blow dryer aimed specifically at the ice inside the freezer. Point the warm air from the hair dryer directly at the iced over places for maximum effect, until all of the ice has melted away.

Use a good thick sponge or possibly a dish cloth to soak up the water and collect the melting pieces of ice. Place them in the sink. Don’t forget to wring out your dishcloth before it drips all over your kitchen floor, creating a potential safety hazard!

Next, completely wipe down the freezer’s insides. You might do this by utilizing a thick dish cloth or sponge along with a bowl of warm water. You should not do this until after the freezer has been made completely free of any remaining ice.

Switch the freezer back to the on position. Make sure that you close the freezer door! Allow the freezer to operate for a good ten to fifteen minutes in advance of putting the food sitting in the ice chest back into the freezer. Finally, place the food back inside the freezer, and remember to close the freezer door.

In closing, we offer a variety of suggestions and warnings to help you complete the job successfully. You should not ever employ water which is soapy to clean out your freezer. Whatever else you do, do not ever use sharp instruments or even ice picks to scrape away ice in the freezer. And for safety’s sake, do not forget that hair dryers are electrical appliances. When you are utilizing a hair dryer to attempt to melt away the existing ice, remember that you run the risk of suffering from an electrical shock, should the blow dryer itself touch water, or even if you are simply standing in a puddle of water. By following these safety procedures and instructional guidelines, you will have no trouble in defrosting and cleaning out your freezer.

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