Grilling season always seemed to start around Memorial Day and continue through the heat of summer. With the focus on patios and outdoor space recently, people actually grill year round.

It seems that certain people have a knack for serving the perfect steak every time they light up their grill. We will offer some tips on how you can be one of those people.

Select the Best Cut You Can Afford

Start with a good cut of meat. Tenderloin is one of the best cuts of beef available. This is where you get filet mignon. It happens to be the most expensive cut also. Sirloin and rib eye are less tender but more flavorful. Shoulder steaks are the most affordable and most times require tenderizing. A good thickness for grilling is an inch or two. Anything less does not grill very well.

Whatever cut you choose, be sure there is marbling. Marbling is simply small streaks of fat throughout the steak. This marbling adds flavor to it. Also, select your steak based on color. If the meat is bright red and the fat a creamy white then you know you have a great steak. The bottom line is you should buy your steak based on your budget and the preference of your guests.

Prepare Your Steak for the Grill

Be sure you prepare your steak before tossing it on the grill by bringing it to room temperature. You should also season your steak. A good approach is to coat a pan with a quarter cup of vegetable oil, kosher salt, and pepper. Coat both sides of your steak with this combination and it is ready.

Heat up the Grill

One of the most important factors in grilling the perfect steak is a hot grill. If you are using a gas grill, consider how your guests want their steaks done. If all your guests enjoy their steaks served rare to medium-rare, turn your grill to the hottest setting. If you have some in your group that enjoy medium to medium well then turn one burner to the hottest setting and the other to the medium setting.

The trick to grilling rare and medium rare steaks is searing them over high heat and cooking them fast. Conversely, medium to medium well cook slower over medium heat. Put these on the grill first. Add your rare steaks to the grill a few minutes later.

Get Steak House Marking on Your Grill

If you have ever wanted to mimic the marking you have seen on steak house steaks, follow this simple procedure. Put the best-looking side of the steak down. This side will be marked and the side that you will serve to your guests face up.

Place your steak’s narrow end at one o’clock for 90 seconds. Turn it clockwise to five o’clock for 90 seconds and your steak will be marked to perfection.

When is Your Steak Done?

The absolute best way to know is by taking its temperature. A meat thermometer should be one of the most used tools in your grill arsenal. Following is the temperature of each:

• Rare should be 140 degrees f.
• Medium rare should be 150 degrees f.
• Medium should be 160 degrees f.
• Medium well should be 165 degrees f.

One important factor to consider, your steak will continue to cook after it comes off the grill. It can actually gain an extra five degrees, so keep this in mind as you are checking your steak’s temperature.

Spread a thin coating of butter across the steak before serving and enjoy the most delicious steak you have ever eaten!

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