There are many methods that you can cook ham and smoked ham is one such meal. It includes preparing ham in smoke or through indirect heat. Usually, a smoker is utilized to prepare the ham where a fire is ignited in a side box. This is very different from a barbecue where the ham is prepared by using direct heating to every side of the ham. Indeed, a smoker is best for both heating and cooking a smoked ham. At times, a glaze packet comes with the meat, that can be put on in the last fifteen minutes of smoking the meat. This will season the meat that will add good flavor to the preparation. You can make your personal seasoning too, with herbs and rub the meat prior to adding it to the smoker.

If placing the meat on the grill, be sure that you put a pan underneath it so that the juices will not spoil and drip into the interior of the smoker. You can add a little water to the pan additionally that will keep moistening and evaporating the meat above it.

Charcoal may be utilized in the side firebox to prepare the meat. You may spray the charcoal with an inflammable liquid and strike a match to it. The lids to the grill must be closed while making the fire. When the coals are white hot and the temperature gets to around 225 degrees F, add the seasoned ham into the smoker and close the lid.

To add a varying flavor to the meat, you can soak it in apple juice. If you see the fire getting smaller, put more charcoals on the fire and keep it going at full flame. You need to do this each hour. You can put wood chips on the fire too, to add a succulent smoky flavor. They can be put on each hour to better the taste. Though this is optional, it adds to the flavor of the smoked meat.

Get a meat thermometer and search out the interior temperature of the meat. If it has gotten to 160 degrees F, it is ready to pull the meat out from the smoker. The cooking duration will depend on the amount of meat. You can assume an hour to pass for each pound of meat.

The smoked ham is a very original way of cooking and tastes very scrumptious, too. If you like the smoky flavor, then you’ll really like this way of cooking. You need the smoker around to prepare this meal. Yet if you have gotten tired of consuming the same barbecued dishes, this dish will be sure to perk up your taste buds.

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