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Lamb chops are a tasty meat selection for any occasion. Most people do not attempt to cook them because they believe that their preparation is too complicated and time consuming. The truth is that cooking lamb chops is not really any more difficult that cooking many other kinds of meat. Lamb chops can be cooked via either pan frying or broiling. In this article, we go through the directions for the these methods of properly cooking tasty lamb chops.

Understanding Various Lamb Chops

Lamb chops can be taken from different prime cuts of the lamb. Those who are interested in getting the most tender cuts possible will want to select the lamb loin chop or the lamb rib chop. Although lamb blade chops and lamb shoulder chops are less costly than are the other cuts, they still have the same nice flavor. These last two cuts are harder to work with since they contain connective tissues running throughout the meat, which makes them less appealing looking. Lamb leg chops and lamb sirloin chops are also very tasty, so long as you do not cook them for too long.

Picking Out Your Lamb Chops

When you are looking for good lamb chops, whichever section of the lamb that you select in the end, you should pick out pink lamb meat. Darker colored lamb meat indicates that it is from a more mature lamb. You also do not want chops with too much fat, that are too thick. Ideally, the lamb meat ought to be firm when you touch it, and the texture itself must be finer feeling. A good recommendation is to purchase a three quarters of an inch thickness lamb chop. If your chop is too think, then it will likely become over cooked. Each person will want to have between two and three lamb chops.

Pan Frying Your Lamb Chops

The first thing that you will have to do is to put both salt and pepper on both the front and back of the lamb chops. You will want to get your Teflon pan pre-heated on high heat. Put around a single tablespoon of water into the pan. Once you see that the water has completely evaporated, the pan will be hot enough for the job.

Place the lamb chops into the Teflon pan. Should the meat not begin sizzling as soon as you place it there, then the pan is not yet sufficiently hot. Put between three and a half and four minutes on your timer. Once the timer buzzes, flip over the lamb chops, preferably using tongs. Re-set your timer for three and a half to four minutes, and keep frying the chops on this other side until it buzzes again. You should serve pan fried lamb chops with mint jelly or alternatively with mint sauce.

Broiling Your Lamb Chops

This is a slightly more complicated procedure, but it is not so hard if you simply follow the directions closely. You will need some additional and specific quantities of ingredients if you broil lamb chops. You will require the following ingredients in order to get started:

  1. Two pounds of lamb chops
  2. One teaspoon of salt
  3. Three tablespoons of cooking oil
  4. One minced onion
  5. Six tablespoons of lemon juice

First you will have to place your lamb chops into the fridge in order to properly defrost them and get them to a comfortable room temperature. While you are waiting on this, you might get ready your marinade. This requires you to mix the oil, onion, lemon juice, and salt. Then you are ready to marinade your lamb chops for from one to two hours.

Pat dry the lamb chops and place them a good four inches above the grill on medium heat. Proper cooking for a one to one and a half inch thickness lamb chop will require them to be broiled for from fifteen to nineteen minutes to be prepared to a medium level. It is important to rotate the lamb chops a few times so that they will cook evenly.

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