When you think of foods that are baked, you usually think of roast beef, roast chicken, baked fish and roasted vegetables and casseroles, right? Or, you might envision baked breads, and cakes, pies and cookies for desert. We know that baked meats are usually more healthy than fried, and baked vegetables and fruits like baked apples are full of flavor. Have you ever considered baking foods for your baby? Yes, you can bake healthy and flavorful meals for your baby.

Be Creative With Your Baby’s Food

When it comes to preparing baked foods for your baby, be creative! Sliced sweet potatoes, squash, eggplant, apples, pears, and many other foods can be baked and fed to your baby. Unlike store bought baby foods, you can add a touch of your own creativity and make the foods more palatable for your baby. For instance, you can mix a little apple juice with mashed sweet potatoes to give them a little extra flavor. You can add just a touch of salt to some of the baked vegetables. Remember, just a touch goes a long way when it comes to baby! If the baby is a year old or more, you can add a touch of honey or cinnamon to some of these foods. Never give honey or cinnamon to a baby that is younger than a year old because these foods are not compatible with a younger baby’s digestive system. Honey can in fact even be deadly if given to a younger baby. You can still be creative with your younger baby’s baked foods, though. Just try mixing different vegetables with different fruits.

Baked Baby Food Recipes

Fruits are especially easy to bake into delicious tasting recipe that will be pleasing to your baby. Almost any fruit can be mixed with another to give almost endless variety to your baby’s menu. In addition to being added to baked or cooked vegetables, baked fruits can be added to your baby’s cereals, or diced into bite-sized finger foods for older babies. There is even an easy rice pudding with fruit recipe that is very easy to make and compatible with baby’s tastes.

Do you want to add a little protein in your baby’s diet? How about a perfect baked egg recipe for your older baby? It is pretty to look at, as well as good to eat. If you cut it up and place it on your baby’s feeding tray, just let him or her go for it and have a good time!

Baked Fluffy Eggs Recipe for Baby

1 slice whole wheat bread
1 egg, separated (be careful not to break the yolk)
a little unsalted butter

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F
Toast the slice of wheat bread and spread it with a small amount of butter.

Place the egg white in a medium bowl and whisk it until it forms stiff peaks and you can turn the bowl upside down without the mixture sliding out. You can also use an electric mixer if you want the peaks to form faster.

Spoon the egg white onto your slice of toast and arrange in a circle, leaving a hole in the middle.

Carefully drop the yolk into the hole.

Place in the oven and bake for around 10 minutes, until the yolk is firmly set.

Let cool to a safe temperature and serve.

Homemade Baked Baby Foods vs Store Bought

If you compare the store bought baby food to the food you can bake at home for your baby, there would be no comparison! Store bought baby foods are very bland, for one thing. No wonder so many parents have to keep wiping spit-out goo off their faces while feeding their babies! The food is also often overcooked, resulting in some of the most important nutrients being destroyed! When you bake your own baby’s food at home, you have the choice to make it as nutritious and tasty as you wish. This delicious baked banana and pear dish is a perfect example of that. Mom says it is so good, she has to keep everyone else from eating it up!

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