One of the most delicious, hardy, and romantic styles of cooking is Italian. Your sweetheart, family members, or dinner guests are sure to enjoy an authentic Italian meal almost any time of the year. One classic Italian dish everyone is certain to enjoy is Chicken Francese. Thankfully, preparing this dish is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the easy to learn recipe below.

First, you’ll want to visit your local grocery store. Ingredients you will need to have to for this recipe include four raw chicken breasts, flour, sea salt, cracked black pepper, four eggs, one lemon, olive oil (extra virgin olive oil is preferred), two tablespoons of butter, one fourth a cup of parsley, one cup of broth of chicken, three tablespoons of water, and one half a cup of white wine.

Secondly, you’ll want to retrieve your cutting board. Place the chicken breasts on the cutting board. Now get some plastic wrapping and cover the meat with the wrapping. Now, retrieve a mallet for tenderizing meat. Start hitting the chicken with the mallet. Do this until the meat has been pounded to the point that it is only one fourth of an inch thick. You will have now produced chicken cutlets.

Next, get a pan. Into the pan pour some of the flour. Into the flour grind your sea salt and cracked black pepper. Mix this all together. Make sure the mixture of flour, salt, and pepper is relatively even.

Now, get your three eggs and a bowl. Crack the eggs into a bowl. Into the eggs, add the water you measured earlier. Beat the eggs and the water together until you have produced a rather consistent egg wash.

Now, take a cup of the olive oil and place it into a skillet. Heat the pan over a burner at a medium-high setting.

While the oil is heating, take the chicken cutlets you produced earlier and cover them in the batter made out of flour, pepper, and salt. After you have done this, also cover the cutlets with the egg wash. Make sure to cover them thoroughly.

When the oil has reached a very hot temperature, add in the chicken cutlets. Don’t over-fry the chicken in the oil. Only fry the cutlets until they have a light golden appearance on each side.

After you have done this, remove the chicken cutlets from the oil and set them aside. To the oil, you should add in your white wine, chicken broth, butter, and parsley. Also squeeze in a good amount of lemon juice from a half a lemon.

Wait for the butter to melt. While you do this, you can mix some of the batter you used earlier with some more olive oil. Mix it well until you see no lumps. This will create a rue.

Now, take the rue and put it into the pan with the melted butter and other ingredients. Stir the mixture together. Let the mixture come to a boil. Next, lower the temperature a bit on your burner. Allow the mixture to simmer for at least five minutes.

Now, pre-heat your oven to three hundred degrees Fahrenheit. After the oven has pre-heated, retrieve a large baking pan. Take the chicken cutlets you fried earlier and place them onto the pan. Pour the sauce you made earlier over the chicken cutlets. On top of the cutlets and sauce, add some fresh lemon slices.

Bake the chicken for fifteen minutes or until the meat has been thoroughly cooked. After the chicken has finished cooking, remove it from the oven.

The last step is to serve your delicious Chicken Francese. Serve the chicken and sauce over pasta to create an authentic Italian dinner.

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