What would a traditional Thanksgiving dinner be if it did not include a platter of a freshly baked yam pie? This dish is so outstanding that most cooks include it as a traditional part of their Christmas dinner menu. The recipe for the yam pie can be read below.

Professional chefs can attest to the fact that there are numerous methods of preparing baked yams. There are cookbooks filled with outstanding recipes that add to the look and taste of a regular yam. The most common methods of preparing a yam dish begin by baking yams.

Bake Yams In The Microwave

1. Buy fresh yams that have no bruises. Yams are fast and easy to bake in the microwave.
2. Wash the skin thoroughly, and pat each yam dry with a paper towel.
3. Use a fork to prick the skin of the yam a few times. This allows the heat to escape so that the yam will not explode as it bakes.
4. Wrap each yam firmly with plastic wrap.
5. Remember that aluminum wrap should never be used in a microwave oven.

Bake Yams And Bacon In The Oven

1. Buy fresh yams in the store or at the Farmer’s Market.
2. Look them over carefully to make sure they have no bruises or soft spots.
3. Wash the yams under the cold water from the kitchen sink tap. Pierce the skin a few times using a fork. This allows the heat to escape so the yam will not explode.
4. Make sure to pat each yam dry.
5. Take an uncooked piece of bacon, and wrap the bacon around each of the yams that you will bake in the oven. Use a wooden toothpick to attach the bacon to the skin of each yam.
6. Place the yams into a baking pan. This will keep the grease from dripping all over the stove while it bakes.
7. Leave the bacon and toothpick attached to the yam. Place them onto a serving platter, and put the bacon wrapped yams onto the table.

Recipe for How to Bake Candied Yams

6 large sized yams
1 lb. dark brown sugar
1 stick of butter
2-3 cups of miniature marshmallows

1. Wash the yams. Get a small sharp knife and peel the skin off each of the yams.
2. Use the same knife, and cut each yam into 2″ pieces.
3. Put the yams into a pan and cover them with water.
4. Put the burner on high; and do not walk away. As soon as the water boils, remove the cover and quickly turn the heat down or the water will boil over. With the lowered heat, put the cover back on and continue to cook until the yams feel soft to the touch. It should take about forty minutes to cook. When they are done pour the water along with the yams into a large strainer. This allows all of the water to drain.
5. Gently remove the cut yam pieces, and place each yam into a baking dish. Sprinkle them generously with brown sugar. Place a few pieces of butter on top of the yams and sprinkle the marshmallows onto the top.
6. Put the baking dish with the yams back into the oven. Continue to bake until the marshmallows turn a golden brown.
7. Place on the table and enjoy with the rest of the dinner.

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