There is nothing worse than seeing that your house is messy state and not knowing where to begin the cleaning process. This article will give you tips and suggestions for taking care of your house.

Have a cleaning plan:

To clean your house efficiently you must plan before you begin cleaning. It is better to start cleaning from your favorite room to the least inhabited area in the house. The room in the house where you spend most of your time tends to get dirty the quickest. Therefore, it is advisable that you start cleaning from that particular room. In addition, inside of this room you may also start cleaning from your favorite piece of furniture in the room.

Bed sheets:

You should clean your bedroom before you go to bed at night. With either a vacuum cleaner or your arms, clean the dust from your bed sheets and comforters that may have gathered there during the day. To remove stains from your headboard, pillows and mattress you can clean them with shampoo and cold water.


To get rid of dust mites in the mattress use the hose of the vacuum cleaner with its non-brush hard surface attachment regularly. To get rid of mildew on the mattress you can put the mattress outside on a dry sunny day. If a child has urinated on your mattress, all you need to do is soak up the urine with a few paper towels and then spray disinfectant over it to get rid of the stain and the bad smell.

Ceiling Fan:

Dirt and dust are the causes of dirty ceiling fans. Since the layer of dust on the top of the fan is seldom seen, it remains as it is. However, once the dirt builds up, if you turn the fan off and then turn it on again the dust will fly everywhere making a huge mess. The next time you clean your house do not forget to clean the top of the ceiling fan blades. Feather dusters or special ceiling fan dusters on a stick come in handy when cleaning the top of the fans. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment specifically for blades or ceiling fans. Always use protective eyewear when cleaning the ceiling fan to keep dust and dirt from getting in your eyes.


Always be extra careful when cleaning beautiful chandeliers. Without proper cleaning, the crystals in chandelier will look dull and the brightness will deteriorate with time. Before cleaning chandeliers always turn off the light, remove the light bulbs and the crystals. Always use soft cotton cloths and paper towels to clean them. If your chandelier has many little hanging pieces, it is best not to take it apart. You can use a steady ladder to climb up and clean it using this method:


Curtains tend to get dirty quite easily. They absorb moisture, dirt and dust from outside when you keep the windows in your home open. The best way to keep your curtains free from dirt is to clean them weekly. You can clean curtains by having them dry-cleaned or by using a duster and a vacuum cleaner.


Doors come in various sizes and can be made up of different materials. Regular maintenance of doors and doorways is always recommended. You can wipe the tops of doorframes with soft rags and the frames with dusters or rags. The brass fixtures of the door can be cleaned with the help of a good brass cleaner. Different cleaning materials are available for different types of doors.


The main thing to look out for when cleaning the kitchen is grease. The walls and counters by the stovetop and the curtains should be cleaned thoroughly and often to avoid grease buildup. You can use stain removers to clean the sink, oven and refrigerator in the kitchen. You have to empty the kitchen cabinets and wipe down the cabinets and any containers. Clean the kitchen floor last so that it can dry without collecting more dirt.


Cleaning your bathroom does not have to be a difficult task. The first thing you should remember is to wear gloves while cleaning the bathroom. You have to pour a little disinfectant in a bucket of water and clean every corner with this. With the help of a broom, you can clean any cobwebs on the bathroom ceiling. You must clean the shower once a week to keep it germ free. Use scum remover to clean doors, tubs and showers. You can spray disinfectant on sinks and in, on and around the toilet bowl to keep everything stain and germ free.

Apart from the above points, always remember to take out the trash and get rid of old junk. Remember that cleaning your house properly will provide you with positive vibes and energy to make your life healthy and beautiful.

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