Purchasing a new dishwasher is a potentially expensive venture, especially if you decide to buy one of the top dishwashers available. While the main cost of the dishwasher is related to actually purchasing the appliance, it is important to find out the total installation cost before buying the new dishwasher and finding out that your budget does not cover the installation price.

Determining when to Buy a New Dishwasher:

Two potential situations exist where a new dishwasher is a necessity: replacing the old dishwasher or buying a dishwasher for a kitchen that does not yet have one. The cost of the dishwasher installation will change depending on the situation.

When considering a dishwasher replacement, you should first find out how much it will cost to repair the old dishwasher. If it will only cost about 50 percent of the price of a new dishwasher or less, then a repair is often more economical than buying a new dishwasher.

Another consideration when replacing the dishwasher is the appropriate size of the dishwasher. If the new dishwasher is larger than the old dishwasher, the installation cost will increase because the kitchen will need some modifications to accommodate the new dishwasher.

In the case of a new dishwasher installation where one does not exist, the installation cost will usually run higher than the cost of a dishwasher replacement. When a new dishwasher is coming into the house, you want to look at the changes necessary for the kitchen before it is possible to determine a cost of the installation.

Some kitchens might already have the dishwasher set-up for installation purposes, which results in a lower installation price while a kitchen without any type of set up will necessarily cost more to pull out the cabinets.

Cost of a Dishwasher:

The cost of the dishwasher will vary depending on the brand, size, type and energy efficiency. The cost of the dishwasher will often include the price of the dishwasher, transportation and installation. Usually, the dishwasher is the highest portion of the cost.

A dishwasher can range in cost from $400 to $1,500 or more, depending on numerous factors and considerations. This is the base cost of the appliance. The transportation cost will differ depending on the company who sells the dishwasher. Some companies will offer a free transportation service while others will charge a fee. Fees vary, but usually won’t exceed around $50 for most areas.

Factors in Installation:

A few factors will affect the final cost of the dishwasher installation. The main factors include whether the counter and cabinets will require changes, if the area is set up for a dishwasher and whether an old dishwasher will need to come out of the kitchen.

The cost of changes to the counter and cabinets in your kitchen will depend on what changes are necessary and what materials the counters and cabinets are made out of. For example, if you need to rip out the cabinets, it might add an extra 40 or 50 dollars to the cost of installation.

If the kitchen is not yet set up for a dishwasher, such as when you buy a new dishwasher for a kitchen that does not yet have one, it will require paying for the dishwasher set up as well as the basic installation charge and any changes to the kitchen to place the dishwasher. Setting up the dishwasher requires the services of a plumber and an electrician. In general, this type of installation and set up will cost somewhere between $150 and $200 depending on the location and the services you hire. Some areas might cost more if the plumbers and electrician costs are higher than areas around your home.

The cost of replacing a dishwasher is generally much less expensive to install than the installation of the full system because the kitchen is already equipped for the dishwasher and will not require changes to the counters or cabinets as long as the new dishwasher is the same size as the older one. This type of installation will again vary on the area and shop, but usually ranges in cost between around $50 to $100 in many areas.


The cost of installing a new dishwasher in your kitchen will depend on several factors. The cost of the dishwasher, set up, kitchen modifications to accommodate the dishwasher and final installation might range from $450 to $2,000 or more, depending on the amount of work and the specific dishwasher. In general, if the kitchen does not require work, installation will cost between $50 and $200.


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