The cost of refinishing hardwood floors depends on how bad of a condition they’re in and whether professional help is used. This article will explore the costs of both DIY refinishing jobs and professional jobs.

DIY Supply Costs

In addition to the three or four weeks that must be invested in this project, expect to pay for particle masks, gloves, rags, refinishing rollers and wood stain. Depending on the type and brand of stain chosen, the cost per container is between $7 and $23. The next cost to factor in is how much stain to buy. One gallon of stain usually covers about 400 square feet. Keep in mind that many floors need several coats of stain. This means that if stain is purchased at $12 per gallon, it would cost about $90 to stain a house measuring 3,000 square feet. One of the best stain choices is Minwax. To view their products, visit their official Web site at Minwax. Expect to pay about $50 for the remaining supplies. Painting rollers, gloves, masks and any other supplies shouldn’t cost more than this. Filler or repair materials for holes or gashes in the floor may also be required. Sometimes entire floorboard replacements are required. The price of these boards vary greatly by material and size. To get a quote, visit a home improvement store or Web site. The fumes are also a problem for many families. It may be necessary to purchase fans to keep the home ventilated.

DIY Equipment Costs

Although it may be possible to sand the floor by hand, this isn’t a practical solution. However, if the only floor being refinished is in a tiny room and it isn’t severely damaged, it may be possible to use a series of sandpaper sheets. Choosing this method saves a considerable amount of money. However, since it’s such a tedious task, it’s much more practical to rent a sander or buffer for normal or large projects. These devices can usually be rented at most hardware or home improvement stores. The daily cost varies depending on the company and availability. Small independent stores usually charge higher rates than popular chain stores. The average cost is between $40 and $75 per day. There is also a charge for sandpaper sheets. Expect to pay an extra $10 to $50 depending on how many rooms must be completed and how many different textures are selected. Some stores charge rental deposits on top of the fees, so keep this in mind when planning a budget.

Professional Staining Costs

Professionals are able to provide the best quality of work. They’re usually able to complete an entire house in a week or less. As a general rule, most professional companies offering staining services charge about two or three dollars per square foot. This means that has 3,000 square feet of wood flooring will cost between $6,000 and $9,000 to refinish. Keep in mind that many refinishing companies also charge extra for stairs. Although prices vary from one company to another, some charge as much as $45 per stair. If the home has 13 stairs, this would add an extra $585 to the total. Most companies charge less than this. However, it’s always good to use higher figures when making estimates. In a good scenario, the home referenced in this paragraph will cost about $6,325 to refinish. However, if the services are on the higher end of the scale, the project could cost about $9,585.

Important Refinishing Considerations

Although doing the project independently is less expensive, keep in mind that the results may be disappointing. Refinishing wood is something that requires more knowledge than a how-to article has to offer. Color tones may be uneven or blotchy. This is especially true if cheap stain is used. Uneven sanding, oil in the wood and many other conditions contribute to an uneven look. Only a professional can provide a perfect color and quality guarantee. They have access to special chemicals that contribute to an even finish. They also have extensive knowledge about wood types, conditions and the process of staining.

When attempting to do a staining project independently, it’s important to choose a good time to complete it. For example, if the fumes from staining the floors will present a problem with family members, it’s best to do the project during the spring or fall. The windows should be open, so it’s best to avoid the cold of winter or heat of summer. To find helpful tips for home refinishing projects, visit This Old House.


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