The art of baking delicious, juicy pork means keeping an eye on cooking time. For pork chops, baking time depends on whether pork chops are breaded or are dredged in corn meal or flour. Also, the cut of pork chops make a difference in how long it will take to bake. Center cut pork chops, for example, are a leaner cut of pork and vary in thickness. Generally for baking purposes, choosing thicker cut pork chops is a way to avoid the meat drying too quickly while baking.

How Long Does It Take To Bake Stuffed Pork Chops?

Thick sliced pork chops take about 15 minutes longer to bake than thinner sliced chops. This is to account for the baking through of the stuffing. If the stuffing should be crouton-based blended with other ingredients, thorough baking generally adds additional baking time, particularly if the stuffing ingredients require tenderness. If pork chops are placed in a sauce to bake, this can hasten baking by about 15 minutes.

Baking Pans For Baking Pork Chops

One tip for baking pork chops is to insure that the pan is large enough to allow for space between the chops. Pork should always be cooked thoroughly before eating. Since pork chops have a bone, this helps retain some of the juices while baking. It should be noted, however, that marinating pork chops before baking will hasten the baking time since marination does tend to “cook” meat.

Baking Time For Baking Pork Chops

Baking time for pork chops depends on the type of oven, whether the traditional or convection, as well as the number of pork chops to be baked. Pork chops should never be layered in a baking pan. They should always have enough room to turn them at least once during the baking process. In most cases, 8-10 medium thick pork chops in a large baking pan should take no more than 50 minutes to bake through. If pork chops are to be breaded, add 5 additional minutes for baking time.

Baking Irresistible Pork Chops

When a platter of baked pork chops is served, they should appear golden brown on top and bottom with or without a coating. The meat will be a perfect white on the inside and the scent of the baked pork will be virtually irresistible. Baked pork chops are a pleasant diversion from chicken, fish and beef. If prepared properly, baked pork chops can be the highlight of the most elegant dinners. Take for instance, a recipe of baked pork chops served with a puree of turnips and garlic mashed potatoes. Baked stuffed pork chops conjure up a delightful reminder of haute cuisine when stuffed with goose liver pate or truffles. For a more home-style pork chop meal, there’s baked pork chops served over a bed of fluffy white rice with green beans almondine and apple sauce.

Preparing Pork Chops For Baking

Unlike other meats, it’s important to insure that pork remains juicy. Preparing pork chops for baking means giving them an aromatic herb rub along with a light coating of olive oil. Then, just pop them into the baking pan and in less than an hour, they’ll scent the entire kitchen with an amazing aroma. There are certain herbs that just love baking right along with pork chops. Sage, rosemary, chervil, parsley, marjoram and bay leaf are just a few reliable herbs to try. With these herbs as a flavor enhancer, the fresher the better is the rule. Pork chops also love the extra zing of freshly chopped garlic. Allow baked pork chops a short “rest” before serving.

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