A portable wardrobe provides the space needed to enhance existing limited closet space. These storage units come in a wide variety of prices and styles to fit with any home’s decor. Casters are attached for easy transfer from one room to another. Portable closets are perfect to store out of season clothes and accessories or offer a great place for weekly work clothes to be stored and ready for use after laundering. Wardrobes were once the only storage areas in bedrooms with small spaces for hanging clothes, a few drawers for personal clothing items, and a top shelf for storage of hats.

A portable wardrobe is the answer for closet space in trendy loft living where built in shelves and cabinets are not standard features. Units in wood, cloth, and plastic can be placed in areas where the materials work best. Plastic units are ideal in bathrooms and kitchens where water and moisture cannot penetrate the material composition. The cost of a wooden portable unit can range from the basic design with a $150 price, or to a more elaborate design with a $500 to $1000 price tag. Plastic is lightweight and easy to wipe clean and transfer from one space to another. Cloth designed wardrobes are also lightweight and easily portable with zippers for closing off sections that provide safe keeping of the enclosed items. A cloth or plastic unit can be purchased in the price range of $70 to $100.

Some of the heavier wood or laminate wood look portable units come with standard double casters for greater ease when changing locations. This type of unit offers shelves and bins for shoes and other clothing accessories, and a clothing bar that holds multiple dresses and suits. Both sides with this portable wardrobe style are open to accommodate extra wide clothing garment bags for storage. This design can be used in the laundry room, bedrooms, or any area where a more streamline look is desired. These units priced from $100 and up, are very useful in studio apartments where closet space is usually minimal.

A wardrobe on casters designed with doors and storage drawers make wonderful areas for storing holiday items. Decorations, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons, Christmas lights and holiday linens can be neatly preserved in a clean storage environment until the next holiday rolls around. Polypropylene is a durable component which resists moisture for a perfect portable storage wardrobe solution that can be used in a garage or attic space. The purchase price of additional portable space in the range of $40 is only a fraction of the cost of building a permanent closet. Saving time and money and accomplishing the same goal is valuable in busy lifestyles.

Simple portable wardrobes are inexpensive and can be rolled and used in any space in the home. Usually these chrome garment centers take care of the problem of overcrowded closets with just a small investment of approximately $20. Turn of the century homes and apartments were built with a minimalist design of closets. Clothes and accessory items were kept to a minimum number of outfits. Bathrooms did not have linen closets and a wardrobe was usually outside the bathroom entrance where towels and toiletries were stored. During this period wooden wardrobes were beautifully built furniture pieces. Today adjustments must be made in these older homes to accommodate the current lifestyle approach that more is better.

A portable clothes wardrobe is a useful storage space that can be as decorative or simple as your budget or personal style desires. As a family grows, children’s’ toys and books need new nooks and shelves, and a portable unit is a clever way to take care of these items. Portability means versatility and is an important factor when deciding on the right wardrobe for your needs.

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