If you’re like most people, you open up your close to either find clothes falling off the hangers, long lost items falling on your head from above, or you have to do a dog bone dig through piles just to find your favorite shirt. You might also give up a Saturday afternoon once a month to clean out your mess of a closet, but its just to open those doors 2 weeks later to find a huge disaster all over again.

The problem with closets is that, most of them have a rod lined across the top allowing you to hang hangers. However, we all know that we use closets for far more then just clothes. Therefore, we’ve come to the conclusion that the disaster in your closet is do to no organizational design. A rod is just not going to cut it!

Now that we’ve solved the problem, saying or going to organize, and getting organized are two different steps in the closet organizer design process. First, you’ll need to pick out what type of closet organization design you’ll need. There are different designs for different purposes.

A few common types of closet organizer designs are for linen closets, coat closets, pantry’s, bedroom closets and the miscellaneous closets.

For a linen closet, the best type of organizer would be a standard reach-in design. You could get an organizer that contains shelves from the top of the closet to the bottom in order to allow you to fold all of your linens and nicely place them in a shelf.

A coat closet might be a bit different, many times coat closets are found at the entry way of an apartment/condo/house and will hold more then just coats. Storing shoes, umbrellas, recyclable bags and coats are often found in coat closets, so a typical rod won’t cut it for this type of closet either. Placing multiple rods at different levels will help with organizing coats. You may also want to consider adding some shelving for miscellaneous items, along with a few hooks for those umbrellas and bags, and finally a shoe rack for the bottom of the closet.

Pantry’s seem to give people the most trouble, no pantry is meant for the shapes and sizes of all items purchased a grocery store, therefore you can go one of two ways. You can either invest in a supply of containers to keep your food organized, all the same size and fresh, or you can add an abundance of different sized shelves, some with drawers, some with baskets and some with “lazy susans.” This will give you a variety of organizing tools for your pantry, which will ultimately make putting the groceries away, an enjoyment rather then a food fight.

Lastly, bedroom closets and miscellaneous closets are a bit more complex. If you aren’t the type to want to have 2 bureaus taking up space in your room, you’ll likely want to put all of your clothes into a closet. However, back to the single rod problem, it just won’t cut it. Therefore, you’ll want to have a organizer that contains a variety of shelves, drawers, different leveled rods for different types of hung clothing, and lastly a shoe rack on the floor on hanging on the closet door.

Now that you’re more away of the type of closet organizer your probably need, you might be thinking about a budget in mind. Thankfully, with the amount of closet organizers on the market today, there is something for everyone’s wallet. If you are trying to stay on a lower budget scale, you can visit your local Target, Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond store to supply you with the necessary tools, but you’ll have to be prepared to put some elbow grease into it, as they will all need to be put together. You can purchase a clothing organizer in any of those stores for as little as $50.00. If you are looking to spend a bit more money for quality purposes, places such as California Closets or EasyCloset.com will help you design a closet suited for your needs and come and install it themselves. These closets can cost upwards in the thousands of dollars though. A last option would be to find a handy friend, drag them into home depot, pick out the shelving, drawers and rod supplies and put them to work. This could save you a lot of money as well and the prices will be similar to what you’ll find in a Target, Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond.

An organized closet will make your life easier, and allow for finding your favorite items in just seconds.

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