Did you know that necklaces can be traced all the way back to ancient civilizations – that people have been wearing them since the Stone Age? At first they were constructed from shells and bones, but necklaces really hit their fashion stride when metals like gold and silver were discovered. These days, no jewelry collection is complete without a variety of necklaces of all designs and colors. One of the more popular pieces amongst the fashion conscious collectors is the angel wing necklace.

The best thing about angel wing necklaces is that they are fashionable without being too over the top, making them perfect for any occasion, from a casual Sunday around the house with friends and family to a hot night on the town. Since angels are at home in nearly any religion, angel wings necklaces are also appropriate for anyone who wishes to subtly and fashionably display their spiritual beliefs, whatever they may be. There are different types of diamond angel wing necklaces, each with their own unique characteristics.

The Trumpet Angel Pendant is crafted in the shape of an angel playing a trumpet. The angel’s body is sterling silver, while the halo, wings, and trumpet are gold. This pendant looks especially sharp attached to a sterling silver chain.

The Double Heaven Angel Wing Necklace comes in three pieces (chain and two wings), all sterling silver. Each angel wing stands alone to be attached by rings side by side on the chain.

Gabriella’s Angel Wing Necklace is a single intricate silver wing attached to a silver chain. This elegant necklace will work well with any outfit.

The Willa M. Angel Wing Peace Dog Tag Necklace is perfect for anyone wishing to make a statement about war or show solidarity with the armed forces of their nation. A peace sign is carved into the rose gold dog tag. Over the dog tag rests a sterling silver angel wing, as well as a flower charm and yellow stone.

The White Crystal Angel Wing Cross Pendent Chain Necklace will be treasured by anyone attracted to religious symbolism. The pendant is a cross backed by lovely angel wings with crystals embedded in the cross, and hangs from a modest yet stylish chain.

One of the most famous fictional angels in popular culture is Disney’s Tinkerbell. For fans of the film there are a variety of Tinkerbell necklaces, including the Fairy Crystal Tinkerbell Angel Wing Moon Charm (with a silver finish snake chain and lobster clasp) and the Blue Crystal Fairy Tinkerbell Angel Wing (with simulated Austrian Rhinestones).

For those who follow the lives of the stars, there are sterling silver angel wing necklaces designed around celebrities, like Gavin Rosdale’s Angel Wing Pave CZ Silver (the musician was spotted wearing the design while out in public with his equally famous wife) and the Nicole Richie Inspired Pave Angel Wing (Nicole wore this design on the 2006 cover of Elle magazine). There’s also a gold angel wing necklace designed to imitate R&B star Rihanna’s favorite style.

For those with a dual light and dark nature, there’s the Angel & Devil Wings Stainless Steel, which is made from lead free, handcrafted stainless steel and depicts an angel wing and a devil wing side by side forming the shape of a heart.

The St Silver 2tone Gold Heart Angel Wings Pendant is a beautiful piece with a gold heart wearing two silver angel wings on a silver chain.

The Heavenly Angel Pendant Necklace is the unique design of a heart just beneath angel wings. The following words are engraved on the heart: “With Wings of Angels, Know your Guardian is near…Bringing Strength, Hope & Comfort, To help make your path clear.”

It’s rare to find a jewelry design that looks great while at the same time reminding you what’s most important, which is why the angel wing necklace is so special. An angel wing heart necklace makes the perfect gift for any income, as many are very reasonably priced. Most of the ones mentioned in this article are below fifty dollars, and some are less than thirty. Many angel wing necklaces can be worn by both men and women. Treat yourself to something special, or buy one for the angel in your life.

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