You can protect yourself of costly home appliance repair costs by using home warranty insurance. What exactly is home warranty, anyway? It is an insurance of the appliances in your house. It is a system that takes care of the maintenance of most of the appliances in your house. Home warranty provides repairs and replacements of the appliances, that are covered under it, which break down due to the regular use and not because of any accident or any other unfortunate incident. This system works the best if you have not bought a new house. American Home Shield is one of the leading home warranty providers that offer various appliance protection plans.

Once you purchase a home warranty, the repairs and replacements are billed directly to the home warranty company. You will only have to pay the service charge to the technician. Hence it helps you save a lot of money that you would have normally spent on the repairs of those appliances.

There are many home warranty companies in the market today, so you don’t have to limit you choices to American Home Shield or other leading home warranty companies which have established their brand name.

American Home Shield has about thirty five years of experience in providing home warranty. It has about 1.3 million customers widespread in the country and about 11,000 contractors in the service network. These contractors are monitored and graded by their customers thus leading to more effectiveness.

Once you get a home warranty from American Home Shield, the warranty is valid for a year. The home warranty can be renewed every year. The age of your home appliance will not be considered for the American Home Shield home warranty. The only thing is that it should be in good working condition and should be well maintained. While getting a home warranty from American Home Shield, a home inspection is not necessary.

When a home appliance that is covered stops working, you need to call 1-800-776-4663 and speak to a customer service representative or you can also contact them online via their website. Then the contractor approved by American Home Shield will contact you to schedule his or her visit to check the home appliance. You need to pay a nominal service fee to the contractor. If the contractor and the company feel that the home appliance cannot be repaired, then it will be replaced. Usually, at the end of the process, you t will get a feedback form from American Home Shield to get suggestions regarding their service.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use American Home Shield home warranty. The customer service of American Home Shield is available all the 365 days in a year to help you and take your service request.

American Home Shield has been one of the trusted players in the home warranty field. Hence many people consider it safe to buy a home warranty from them.

AHS has many coverage options. The basic plan can be bought not only by homeowners, but also by real estate agents. In some markets, home sellers will pay the first-year premium for the buyers. It would also be beneficial to apartment owners and real estate developers, who could use it to cover multiple units.

Most home warranty companies change a Trade Service Call Fee per incident. Trade Service Call Fee is the amount due when a contractor visits your home. Each type of breakdown falls into a trade category, for example: a leaky pipe qualifies as a plumbing breakdown, while a broken dishwasher is an appliance breakdown. It may require more than one contractor or several unrelated trips to the house by the same contractor, (once to fix the pipe, another to fix the dishwasher) and there will be a fee due for each trade a service call covers. Additional fees may apply if the repairs fall into different categories.

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