If your refrigerator breaks down, you need to know how to get it fixed as soon as possible or risk losing everything inside. The main thing is to know what you need to try to fix.

Before you call the repairman, or roll up your own sleeves, make some initial cursory checks. That way you do not embarrass yourself later. Ensure that the appliance is, indeed, plugged in. Also, double check the circuit breaker.

Next inspect the fans on the appliance. If they are dirty, vacuum them off. Dirt sometimes clogs the fans and inhibits the appliance’s ability to cool itself.

Let’s examine fixes for specific problems.

If your fridge is not cooling:

The problem could be a problem with the gasket or dirty coils.

Gasket Repair

You will know you have a gasket problem if you run this basic test. Put a dollar bill between the gasket—which is a rubber seal around the door—and the fridge itself. If the dollar bill comes out easily, then you need to replace the gasket.

Go to your local hardware store and buy a gasket that is specific to the make and model of your refrigerator. Resist the temptation, to buy a one-size-fits-all gasket. You should pick up a large cooler and some ice too. You will need the gasket to sit in your kitchen for twenty-four hours. Doing so will allow it to adjust to the humidity and room temperature, in the room.

Take off the fasteners that secure the gasket in place. Remove the old gasket and discard.

Clean the area with gentle detergent. Make sure to take off the old adhesive.

Begin working the new gasket onto the door by starting at one end and working toward the other. Smooth out the gasket and apply the cement that came with it. Then put the fasteners onto the new gasket. Close the door and check the seal. If it is off, then make adjustments as needed.

Condenser coils

These are located on the bottom front of your appliance. Pull of the grill on the bottom and get down on your stomach to check out the coil. It is a black tube that runs back and forth.

At this point, you will need a brush from your hardware store specifically made for this job. It will cost you less than a fiver. It is called a condenser coil brush.

You will take this brush and run it back and forth along the coil to free the lint, dirt, dust, and random items that have rolled under the fridge.

Once you are finished, replace the grill and give the appliance time to begin properly again.

Condenser Fan

This fan is located below the appliance. You will need to remove the grill below and get down on your stomach to find it. Clean the blades of the fan, which often become caked with lint and soil. If you clean it and the blades are not turning, spray a little WD40 on it. Take your hand and turn the blades as you spray. That should start the fan running again.

If you have done these steps and the fan is not spinning, then you will need to remove it. Take it with you to the hardware store, so you can purchase a new one.

If your fridge leaks in front of the appliance:

Safety First

If you are going to repair your fridge yourself, unplug the power to avoid electric shock.

Drain Pan

Find the Drain Pan. It is located on the bottom of the fridge, underneath the grill, in front of the refrigerator. The grill snaps out of place. Remove it. Pull the drain pan toward you. Empty the pan into the sink and then inspect for holes. If you do not find any holes, double check the pan by filling it with tap water and observing whether it leaks. If you need to replace the drain pain, simply take the damaged one into a hardware store. Once you have purchased a new one, slide it back into the spot under the fridge. Replace the grill.

Many things on your refrigerator will require notice of a professional. But the problems discussed above can be done at home with little difficulty.


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