If you are in the market for a garage door, you will find one thought being reiterated all the time – invest in a wooden garage door. Garage doors made of wood have several advantages over their counterparts in vinyl, metal, aluminum etc. For starters, aesthetics takes priority. Wood garage doors are the easiest to work with when it comes to matching colors or even texture with existing elements in your home, like windows, outer walls and doors.

Making the best of wooden garage doors

Another advantage with wooden garages doors is the fact that they add character with age. Custom wooden garage doors can withstand the onslaught of your child’s play ball without getting deformed. A scratch or a dent on the wooden door of your garage will lend it that weathered look. The same on a metal or vinyl door would look deformed and in a need of repair. Yet another aspect with wooden garage doors is that it does not take an expert or a range of sophisticated tools to fix it up. It has a longer work life and often outlives doors made of fiber-glass, vinyl and the likes.

wooden garage doorIf you have taken the time to notice the inside of a vinyl or metal garage door, you will find an empty shell. This is often not really a pleasant sight. However, with a wooden garage door, you can be assured of having the same visual treat on both sides without a hollow cavity in between. Wooden doors of car sheds also come with heightened insulation and you can be sure that your possessions are well protected for the vagaries of nature. The good thing about wood is that it can be coupled with other materials – for example, reinforce a back of wooden garage door with steel and you can keep any force – human or otherwise outside. You can also mechanize a wooden door and put in additional safety gadgets to make the most of your garage door.

Wooden garage doors cost

If you are satisfied with the advantages of wooden garage doors, the next factor that you will want to look into are the costs. When you are investing in a wooden garage door, which is often approximately 20 per cent more than other materials, make sure you have a warranty. Most wooden doors come with a one-year warranty, but if you are investing in some really high quality wood, 20-year limited warranties are not unknown.

The cost of your wooden garage door will depend on the materials you choose, the additions in terms of paneling, painting, security gadgets and any other customizations that you would want to add. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, a simple wooden door that tilts up from your garage would range between $500 and $800. This is for the regular two-car garages. If you opt for paint-grade old wooden garage doors then expect the prices to be roughly $1000, give or take a $100. Stock wooden doors include Masonite garage doors with panels and in the ready-to-paint format that come at $575.

You can also choose from semi-custom doors. This type allows you select customizations such as inserts, panels and paint from a fixed range. You have a low-end to an upper-budget set of choices in terms of wood like cedar or mahogany and anything in between. Excluding the cost of installation and the application of a primer, you can expect shell out between $1500 and $3000.
Custom doors are for those with deeper pockets. Everything from the panels, to its designer look, the insulation provided, the matching of architectural looks with the rest of your home and so on are a part of this package. Wood used here is of high quality and comes with warranties of five years or more. Expect to pay around $3000 for a single door. These doors are generally created by expert companies and you will have to go through the involved paperwork and design formalities. Give a leeway of around three weeks to have your door, designed and delivered to you.

There is also what is known as appearance wood, which like the name suggests give, you varied appearances of redwood or oak or cedar. They also come with the paneled look. Going by your choice you can expect a bill of $1500 to $2000. Do keep in mind that these costs are excluding installation costs that often begin at $100 and goes on.

Raising the monetary value of your home

You may not have considered this, but having a wooden door for your garage actually adds value to your home monetarily. For starters, if your garage is part of your frontal elevation, then it will go a long way in making an impression on a prospective buyer. If your garage door is of quality wood and designing and blends well with the architectural aesthetics of your home, you can be sure you have a winning sale on your hands.

Another important factor when it comes to wooden garage doors is that many prospective buyers today are looking at garage space as a multi-purpose space. A great wooden garage door will give the space the flexibility of being converted into a living area, an practice pad for a garage band, a workshop, a personal gym and so much more.

The few negative aspects

There is always a flip side to everything and wooden garage doors have a few minor drawbacks. Wooden doors are susceptible to termite infestation which if neglected can bring down its longevity. If you notice a bit of rotting setting in, then you may not always be able to replace just a panel or so and may end up having to replace the entire garage door. This makes it amply clear that a great deal of care is also warranted for wooden garage doors.

Wooden garage doors are also not really conducive to areas that experience extremely cold winters. Wooden panels are sometimes not really thick enough to prevent the effects of the weather on the things they are attempting to protect. Cities that have gushing winds and frequent rains storms too are not really suited to wooden doors for garages. The same goes for coastal regions where the high humidity factor can work negatively on your garage door.

Maintenance tips

Some tips when it comes to maintenance would be to sandpaper your door before you apply a coat of paint to it. A primer before you start would also be very helpful. You will also need to redo the finish and paint of your wooden garage doors every three years to extend its lifespan. Keep a regular watch on the hinges to prevent corroding or rusting.

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