Multi purpose ladders are versatile tools that can be adapted for use in a variety of situations. With a multi purpose telescoping ladder, one simple piece of equipment can be folded, hinged, and transformed to perform the functions of several individual ladders. While three or four single purpose ladders take up a lot of room and can only be used for a few tasks, multi purpose ladders can be folded for minimum storage space and function in various capacities. Essentially, a multi functional ladder saves time, space, and money in the long run.

Not all multiple usage ladders are alike—a large selection of designs are available, although 16 and 24 foot are the standard sizes. Some ladders may be used for a few simple functions while others can be adjusted to over 20 different positions.

Below are some of the most common features available:

  • Extension ladder
  • A-frame ladder
  • Step ladder
  • Adjustable height scaffold
  • Stairway or roof ladder

Where to Purchase an Aluminum Multi Purpose Ladder?

Like standard ladders, multi purpose ones may be purchased at a variety of hardware and home improvement stores and from numerous online retailers.

Selecting a Multi Purpose Folding Ladder

It is essential to research and compare options before selecting a ladder. Because designs and models vary, it is important to choose a design that suits present and future needs. Below are some questions to consider before making a purchase.

How will the ladder be used? Will the ladder be placed on stairs or a roof? If so, make sure it can perform these functions. Does the ladder need to reach a high point? If it does, purchase a ladder with an extension feature. Try to think ahead and consider what features will be useful now and later before making a purchase.

What kind of weight capacity is needed? The manufacturer should specify a maximum weight capacity. Purchases should be made according to need, but generally the weight capacity is indicative of the ladder’s overall quality. Keep in mind that a lower weight capacity could mean a flimsier ladder.

How high does the ladder extend? Make sure that the ladder isn’t taller than the work space—this is especially pertinent to indoor projects. For high-up projects, make sure the ladder will reach the desired altitude.

How much will it cost? Multi purpose aluminum ladders vary greatly in price. Depending on the quality, size, and function of the ladder, they can run anywhere from $75.00 to over $700.00.

Ladder Construction

Ladders not only vary in function, but also in construction. Most common are aluminum and steel pieces; however, there are benefits for each type available.

  • Aluminum and steel: Lightweight and durable, these are known for being stable, sturdy, and reliable. They generally cost considerably less than their fiberglass counterparts.
  • Fiberglass: Because they are not made from conductive metal, fiberglass ladders are ideal for those working near power lines and electrical wiring. They have high weight capacities and often weigh less than aluminum or steel ladders.
  • Wood: Visually appealing, a wooden ladder will be less of an eyesore in your yard or home. Additionally, wood is a sustainable resource, so it is an eco-friendly choice.

Important Safety Reminder

When using a multi purpose aluminum ladder (or any other ladder), safety should be a primary concern. Many injuries can be prevented by taking simple precautions. Each ladder will have instructions specific to that model or brand; make sure to read the guidelines and do not ignore the weight capacity or usage instructions—these directly effect the ladder’s stability and its safety overall.

A Wise Purchase

Remember, a multi purpose telescopic ladder is a smart option that can encompass the functions of several single usage ladders. Although selecting the right model is not rocket science, it does require careful consideration, planning, and thought. The multi purpose combination ladder is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Selecting a durable model and proper maintenance could provide a lifetime of usage.

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