In an effort to gain more space in one’s home, many homeowners are converting attics into office spaces or spare bedrooms.

Yet, in order to gain easy and safe access to these spaces, a telescopic loft ladder is the proper tool for the job.

While determining which loft ladder is best for your home often depends on your own style and price range, it’s more than just a matter of knowing what style or price to look for.

Safety is also an issue.

Loft Ladders, Some Things To Consider.

When keeping bed loft ladder safety in mind, it’s best for homeowners to think about:

1. Who will be using the ladder.

2. How often will the ladder be used.

3. Will the ladder hold a sufficient amount of weight.

4. Who will assemble the ladder.

5. Will it be a stationary ladder, or one that folds or slides away.

Who Will Be Using The Ladder.

Loft ladders should only be used by adults or older responsible children that can safely maneuver up and down the ladder with ease.

Individuals who shouldn’t use the ladder include:

1. Young children usually around the age of 14 and under.

2. Older individuals who have a problem with mobility.

3. Individuals who frequently take medication that effects their equilibrium.

4. Anyone under the influence of alcohol.

5. Individuals that possess a fear of heights.

How Often Will The Ladder Be Used?

How often the loft ladder will be used contributes to the safety of all as well.

Due to its sturdiness, a wooden loft ladder may be a better choice for those using it daily, more so than an aluminum ladder.

How Much Weight Will The Ladder Hold?

Like any other ladder manufactured and sold, a maximum load restriction is always listed for the safety of the consumer.

Tip: before purchasing a timber loft ladder, keep in mind that if you intend to carry heavy items such as boxes into your loft space, one should include his or her own weight into the weight specifications labeled on the ladder.

Who Will Assemble The Loft Ladder.

For those who are fairly handy, with the use of an installation kit, installing loft ladders can be fairly simple.

On the other hand, for those who may be a little challenged in the handyman area, getting it professionally and properly installed is the best option to ensure your family’s safety.

Stationary, Foldable, Or A Ladder That Slides?

Whatever ladder you choose, each poses potential risks while in use. Sliding loft ladders, can malfunction while being maneuvered, resulting in hitting and injuring the user.

Folding loft ladders come with risk as well. If the user is not paying close attention, their fingers could get caught in the process of folding and putting said ladder away.

For those using stationary wood loft ladders, when not climbed properly, the user could fall off and injury him or herself.

With these things to keep in mind, what safety measures should the homeowner take when using a loft ladder in their home?

Loft Ladder Safety Tips To Keep In Mind.

In order to keep the risk of injury down while using electric loft ladders in the home, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Never allow restricted climbers to use the ladder.
  2. Always abide by the loft ladder’s weight restrictions.
  3. Never climb the ladder with too many items in your hand, or with items that obstruct your view.
  4. Always climb the ladder with both hands – unless your carrying items – and with the rungs facing the front of your body, not the back of your body.
  5. Never slide down the loft ladder.
  6. Ensure that the area at the top and bottom of the ladder is clear of clutter.
  7. Always ensure that no one is at the bottom of the ladder when someone is climbing down.
  8. Never allow small children to play around or on the ladder.
  9. Always watch your step while climbing up or down.
  10. Use the loft ladder for climbing only, never use it to store clothes, belts, or other items.
  11. Never throw things up or down the ladder.
  12. When storing the folding or sliding loft ladder, be sure to keep hands, fingers, jewelry, or articles of clothing free of the ladder.
  13. Replace the ladder once its warranty has expired.
  14. Choose a loft ladder that possesses a warranty of at least 5 to 10 years.

To ensure that everyone in the home is aware of the rules, go over them as a family, and post them in a highly visible area.

Loft ladders are a necessity for many homeowners. Learning how to properly and safely use them, will lower the risk of serious injuries.

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