Most people would agree that they feel the most attractive and youthful, when they have a healthy, golden tan. Whether that tan is the result of a tanning bed or from safe sun exposure, tanning is a major highlight of many vacations and a staple during the warm, summer months. Anyone that has stepped foot inside of a tanning salon or would consider themselves to be an expert tanner would by now have familiarized with tanning stickers. Tanning body stickers are adhesives that are applied to the skin during UV exposure, so that the skin under the sticker remains a lighter color than the surrounding skin. This results in a cute, unique shape being tanned into the skin that could also be called a suntan tattoo.

Trends In Sun Tanning Stickers

Tanning tattoo stickers have come a long way from when they first became popular. The first tanning stickers were small, approximately one to two inch stickers in the shape of a heart, star, palm tree, or Playboy bunny design that could be found in most tanning salons. Recently tanning stickers have evolved in intricacy and can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. While some tanners choose to use the original tiny stickers offered at most salons, other, more daring tanners are choosing to use unique, tattoo inspired stickers for a whole new look.

Where to Place Tanning Stickers

Tanning bed stickers can be applied almost anywhere to flaunt a favorite body part. Some popular choices are to apply a sticker to the shoulder, hip, lower back, arms, or feet. Some people may prefer to place a sticker where it will only be seen in a bathing suit, while others may choose to be more daring by placing a tanning sticker on an area that can be seen in everyday clothing.

Six Important Tips To Remember When Using Tanning Stickers

1. Keep in mind that using a indoor tanning sticker for a single tanning session will not necessarily provide dark, noticeable results. Therefore, if you have found a design that you really enjoy, it may be necessary to purchase more than one sticker or, if possible, reuse the sticker during following tanning sessions.

2. It is also important to remember that a design caused by the use of a tanning sticker will not disappear until the surrounding skin has returned to it’s natural, untanned color. This may be important to consider before choosing a design that may need to be covered before a special event or returning to work.

3. Tanning stickers can also be used in combination with spray tans, fake tanning lotions, and airbrush tans for those who wish to limit their sun exposure, but still maintain a healthy glow. When using a tanning sticker in combination with one of these methods, it is important to be sure that the surrounding skin is completely dry before removing the sticker to maintain a sharp edge and clear image.

4. When purchasing a tanning sticker, keep in mind that the color or any design located on the sticker itself, will make no difference in the final result. While it may make the sticker more aesthetically pleasing and even double as a cool temporary tattoo or skin design, the only factor that will make a difference in the final result is the shape of the sticker.

5. To find unique tanning stickers, look at online retailers. Those interested in purchasing tanning stickers will find a wide selection on websites like Ebay or Amazon. Also, websites that cater to tanning supplies, like, have a wide variety of unique shapes for tanners to choose from.

6. Be creative when applying tanning stickers. Use tanning stickers to frame a real tattoo, flaunt a favorite body part, or create a unique statement. If you have ever wondered whether a barb wire tattoo would look good around your bicep, try a tanning sticker to decide if you like the look before making the plunge. This idea can apply to any tattoo that you may be considering. Cheap tanning stickers are a fun way to see if you like how a certain shape enhances a certain body part before you make a more permanent decision.

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