Tanning has become a very popular trend in western civilization over the last two decades. Especially during the summer and spring seasons, when people are out in the sun and wearing less clothing, and also swim wear. Many men, women, and also teenagers are tanning on a daily and weekly basis all across the country. While these people are tanning, they want to be able to track their progress and see how tan they are getting from the first time they enter a booth, up to where they currently are. A very simple, cheap, and also extremely easy way for them to do this is by using tanning stickers on their bodies while they tan.

Tanning bed stickers are exactly what they sound like, stickers you put on when you tan. The person tanning will place the sticker over a desired location on their body, then apply their tanning lotion as they normally would, and then proceed to tan. While they are tanning, the sticker will prevent the UV rays from reaching the skin underneath the sticker, and the skin will be at its natural color in the pattern of the sticker. Each and every time that the person tans, they will put the same shaped sticker on the location they had it the previous times. As there body gets darker and more tan, the skin underneath the sticker will remain white. The contrast will show how much progress the tanner’s skin has made and how tan they have become.

You can normally purchase the stickers at your tanning salon. However, if they do not have a shape that you want, you should ask them to order more or ask to see a catalog. They can also be ordered online through websites like www.lotionsource.com where other different tanning supplies can also be purchased. Tanning body stickers come in so many different shapes ans sizes. If you are going to special order your own, you are more than likely going to have to buy them in bulk, starting with as many as 100 stickers. Ask friends or family if they are interest in the stickers also, this way they don’t go to waste. Your tanning salon may also even be interested in your extras if you are looking to get rid of them.

The stickers come in so many available varieties. Almost any shape that you can find for a regular sticker, you are going to be able to find for a tanning sticker. You can even use most regular stickers if you want to as stickers for tanning . A popular choice for both men and women is the play boy bunny sticker. Hearts are another common one for women. You can use more than one if you want too! Having a unique design on your skin that isn’t permanent is a great way to express yourself and get yourself noticed. You can place the sticker wherever you like, so it can be seen by others, or you can keep it hidden for only you to see.

Think about where you want the sticker, and how long you are going to want it there before you jump in the tanner with a one on. Just like tan lines, the image that will be left behind from the indoor tanning sticker may take a while until it fades away and is unnoticeable, it unfortunately cant be washed off. If would like to get rid of it fast, try placing some good tanning lotion on it with bronzers, or even apply some makeup up or self tanner over the area. It may take multiple tans for you to be able to cover over the white area. If you have an important event coming up that you aren’t going to want any markings, I strongly suggest that you go without tanning stickers.

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