People have the tendency to amass material items without thinking of where the items will be stored when not being used. They then stuff it all into their closets, which become extremely disorderly over time. Due to the mess, it becomes difficult to find an item when wanted. The closet also becomes a safety hazard due to the clutter falling out every time the door is opened.

The modern day solution to lack of storage space is to use closet organizer systems. These systems can optimize limited spaces while keeping everything orderly and easy to find. Utilizing organization systems can save a person time and money, if used properly. However, it is important for the individual to choose the closet system that best fits his or her own needs.

Closet organizers are available for every room of the home or office. They are made from a wide variety of materials, and therefore have a broad price range and flexibility. The size, the type of material used, and the complexity of the system design usually determines the cost. Organization systems made from high-end material or that have numerous pieces added will be more expensive than the simpler ones made from lower quality materials.

For example, custom-built arrangements using high quality materials have an average minimum cost of a thousand dollars. Due to the high cost, it is frequently recommended that the system be professionally installed. The professional installation can range from as low as four hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. On the other hand, a self-assembled basic wire closet system has an average minimum of forty dollars.

There are two primary types of closet organizers available to those who prefer to self-install the chosen system. First, there are the closet organizer systems that consist of fully assembled pieces, which can be mixed and matched or pre-designed. The individual simply measures the closet and buys the proper size. The person has various configurations to choose from with these systems. For instance, he or she may decide on one with a shoe rack or drawers.

This type of organization system can be bought at most home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. They can also be purchased from specialty stores. The cost can range from a hundred dollars on up into the thousands of dollars. Most modular systems fall into this category, whether they are adjustable or non-adjustable.

The second category is made up of do-it-yourself closet organizer kits. These kits normally consist of instructions, basic components, hardware, and shelving units. They require some assembly and sometimes require drilling holes. These types of systems are much easier on the budget. Moreover, they are easily installed, especially if there is an extra pair of hands available to assist. Extra accessories, such as baskets and bins, can be added on as needed.

The self-assembled closet systems can effortlessly be purchased from department stores, like Wal-Mart, or at home improvement centers, such as Sutherland’s. Of course, both categories are readily available for purchase online from reputable retailers. Where the item is purchased will greatly depend on what type of system the person chooses to use.

The person may choose a freestanding, floor mounted, or wall mounted organization system. He or she may opt for stackable components rather than shelves. There are many options available for reclaiming cabinet space. Numerous people find the coated wire organizers to be the best choice.

This is especially true for college students, military families, and people who rent their homes. The coated wire closet systems are simple to assemble and disassemble. They are inexpensive, and can be adapted to most situations. Most of the wire systems are freestanding so do not do damage to the dorm or apartment. Military families and other people who frequently have to relocate prefer storage systems that are not hard to take with them when they have to move. Many parents prefer the coated wire closet organization systems because they are very versatile. The components can be altered as their children grow up, without having to replace the whole system.

However, choosing which storage system to get may be hard to do without careful planning. The individual should take time to evaluate what needs to be stored before buying any type of storage units. The person should first get rid of anything that is no longer used or cannot be used due to needing repairs. If the item has not been used in over a year, then it should be given away, sold, or thrown out. If the item is a keepsake or prized possession, it should be appropriately displayed. The idea is to reduce the amount of clutter that needs to be stored.

Next, the individual should make up an inventory list of all the remaining items. This will help decide what type of storage is needed, and what size system is required. After all, having a closet storage system will not benefit the person it does not satisfy all the requirements. If a person does not know what they have, how can they possibly use what they have?

Finally, after determining what type and size storage system is needed, the individual will be well prepared to shop around for the perfect closet system. Whether made from coated wire, wood, metal, or laminated materials; the person should be able to find something that is affordable, stylish, and fulfills every requirement.

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