Closets are obviously a great place to store that extra junk that you just can’t find a place for. All of those extra leftovers when you clean up a room are usually shoved in the closet. If it starts getting a little out of hand, and your bedroom closet is beginning to look like a dumpster, it’s time to start thinking about organizing things a little better.

Fortunately, organizing your closet isn’t as hard as it used to be. Closet organizers weren’t on the market before the 1990’s on a large scale, and new storage systems would have to be hand-made or commissioned. There are different types of closet organization systems that help you store your stuff, even in cramped space. These sorts of organizers will often have pull-out drawers or shelves, and they will help you stack your clothes in a neat fashion.

Let’s take a look at some of the best types of closet storage organizers on the market:

Vertical Rod System:

A lot of hidden space in our closets goes unused; there is space we could be using, but overlook. A popular type of closet organizer system is called the “Vertical Rod” organizer, or vertical rod system. This organizer takes advantage of the full space of the closet. Rows of horizontal hooks are hung from plastic tracks on either side of the closet’s walls. When all of your outfits have been hung from these hooks, you can give a quick tug on the plastic rod, and the rod will fold down vertically. The clothes will hang from a vertical set of hooks, saving you space. You can use this sort of system around the perimeter of the inside of your closet, and still have room to hang clothes and store items in the centre of your closet.

Drawer System:

Taking elements from a dresser, the closet drawer organization system is simple. Drawers are stacked in inside the closet to store clothes and other items that you don’t want on display in your room. This system is great for people with compact closets, because it allows for more room for everything. The top of the drawer system oftentimes has a series of cupboards in which items can be stored. It is a good idea to put a small stepladder in the side of the closet if you aren’t tall enough to reach the top; the drawer system organizer is usually pretty tall.

Rotating System:

The rotating organizer is common in high-end homes, and is used to give a small closet style and pizzazz. The centerpiece rotates to allow you to browse through a colorful array of clothes. Small drawers are usually stored in the centre, behind the line of clothes. This drawer can be used to store cosmetics and other accessories.. The rotating system is a powerful system of organization, and it is relatively easy to install. A single pivot or axis can be used to support the entire closet system. With the flick of a hand, the organizing rack turns with ease, allowing you to pick out the exact outfit that you want. This system is definitely my favorite.

Windmill System:

This style is rarely used. It takes up quite a bit of space in the closet, and serves a more decorative purpose than an organizational one. Nevertheless, this system is worth the mention because it is so unusual. Clothes are hung from a set of poles that resemble a windmill. When the light in the closet is turned on, a motor begins to slowly rotate the bars, moving the clothes in windmill-like fashion. This is more common for displays in ritzy clothing stores, but can be adapted in a home, as well. When combined with a frosted glass closet door, this is the priciest looking display you can get, and it will really show off the extravagance of your home, if that is what you’re in the business for.

These and other types of closet organizers can be purchased and installed, or home-made. They are relatively easy to make, and adapt concepts from basic closet door installation. Door pivots can be used to make a lot of these systems, and require little besides a drill and some free-time to install.

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