The size and scope of many lawns and landscaped areas make it unfeasible to simply use a rake in order to remove fallen and dead leaves and leaf debris. A commercial leaf vacuum is a wise investment in gardening equipment for anyone whose property requires the regular clean-up and disposal of fallen leaves that can make a landscaped area look unkempt and uncared for. A commercial leaf vacuum, also called an industrial leaf vacuum, a leaf shredder, leaf mulcher or yard leaf vacuum, offers a high-tech way to remove leaves from any property in a quarter of the time and labor that would be required using the old fashioned method of hand-held rakes.

Because no leaf cleaning job has the same requirements, there are a variety of commercial leaf vacuum units available in the marketplace, both online and at local retail hardware and gardening supply stores. Some people invest in two different units to acommodate all their needs if one commercial leaf vacuum can’t handle all the areas that need leaf cleaning and pick up.

One of the simplest and most economical models of commercial leaf vacuums is the hand-held vacuum which also does double duty as a blower to blow fallen leaves off lawns, landscaped areas, driveways and walkways. Hand held units are perfect for narrow areas and tight spaces where mower or tractor-sized commercial leaf vacuums just will not manuever or even fit. Small commercial leaf vacuums don’t have enough power to efficiently pick up wet leaves that have been setting a while, so this style is best used on smaller areas and for clean up of newly fallen leaves.

The push-type commercial leaf vacuum machine best resembles a lawn mower and includes a rear bag attachment in order to collect the leaves that are being vacuumed up from the ground or the lawn. This style of commercial leaf vacuum can provide the user with great exercise because the user must walk behind the unit, pushing it along every square foot of ground where leaves have accumulated. As the leaves are being vacuumed into the bag behind the unit, they are also being shredded and mulched at the same time. Once the area has been cleaned up, the full bag can simply be emptied into the lawn clippings trash bin or emptied on the compost pile in the garden.

The most heavy-duty style of commercial leaf vacuum is the ride-on mower with a gasoline-powered motor . This unit is similar to a lawn mower except that the unit uses powerful suction to draw up leaves and other debris rather than a blade to cut the grass. This is the best style of commercial leaf vacuum for large estates, school properties or areas that encompass more than a quarter acre of land.

Before purchasing a commercial leaf vacuum, it’s important to know the size of the area you will be using the vacuum on in order to purchase a unit with enough power and capacity for shredding, mulching and bagging the quantity of vacuumed leaves deposited on your property.

When comparing units to find the best commercial leaf vacuum for your purposes, check the weight and stability of the unit under consideration, along with finding out the mulching ratio which indicates how much compression takes place when the leaves are shredded. Ask if the impeller is metal rather than plastic because metal is less likely to cause problems.

It’s a good idea to test a commercial leaf vacuum to check its ease of operation, handling and manueverability. Ask your dealer about the kind of maintenance the unit requires, the length of warranty and how often the unit must be serviced.

Because larger and more powerful commercial leaf vacuums are also noisier, check to see if a muffler can be installed for quieter operation so that using the unit doesn’t conflict with local noise ordinances or restrictions.

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