For those who have a seemingly insurmountable amount of clothing, sentimental items and other ‘stuff’, or for those who can simply afford to have a professionally designed closet, hiring a professional closet organizer may be a practical and convenient option. Unfortunately, many people who struggle daily with disorganization and overwhelming amounts of clutter in their homes may think hiring a professional closet organizer isn’t an option due to costs, even when the service is badly needed.

The subject of hoarding has recently become the focus of much national attention in America, and some of the people profiled on the myriad television shows devoted to the problem claim they just don’t know where to start. These are people admitting they need help, but who didn’t realize there were services which would, or even could, help them. While the issue of hoarding goes far beyond needing a few odd closets re-vamped, starting with proper places to store the things one does need can be an important first step to organizing one’s entire life, and purging what isn’t healthy.

Professional organizers can be very useful in assisting people with hoarding issues objectively, and with more compassion and understanding than the hoarder would receive from family and friends. Often people who hoard, or who have just let their homes fall into clutter and chaos, are too embarrassed to even seek help from those close to them. A professional can be very useful in these situations.

The good news is most home contractors will offer, or even require, a free consultation for estimation purposes before accepting a job, so there is no need to count the option out before doing a bit of research in your area. Professional closet organizers are typically Independent Contractors, and work for themselves, meaning they control what they charge to a large degree. Clients may be able to negotiate a very reasonable rate if they explain their situation, and convey a desperate need to regain control in their homes.

Professional closet organizers may charge by the hour, plus costs, or by the job. In either case, expect to spend a pretty penny on such a personalized service. In some markets, a client may be charged $50-$100 an hour, plus the cost of any closet organizing tools and set-ups. Alternately, the job may be billed collectively, and could run several hundred to a thousand dollars, depending on the size of the job. Note, it is impossible to cite an exact average cost for this industry as it is a field dominated by individuals who vary greatly in what they are willing to accept for their time and work. Price has to be discussed between a client and an individual contractor on a case-by-case basis.

Professional closet organizers will come to your home and assess your current closet and overall storage needs, and offer you solutions for clearing clutter as well as setting up a more efficient storage space. Clients may be provided with sketches, samples of proposed material or even a virtual tour of their new closet via design software. If clutter is a main focus of the job, the client may be very involved in the actual gutting-and-organizing process. Once a plan of action is agreed upon, the project will commence, and the professional closet organizer will work their magic!

Most professional closet organizers will guarantee their work and want nothing less than a client’s full satisfaction, as word-of-mouth recommendations depend on it. Upon completion of any contracted job, a client should be satisfied with the design and quality of work of any hardware or built-in closet systems, as well as how well their storage needs are being met as opposed to before the organization. If there are any problems, the client should immediately make the contractor aware of them so they may be remedied.

To find a reputable contractor in a specific city or state, you can visit the National Association of Professional Organizers at for a list of references and full contact information for contractors all over the US.

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