There are many reasons that a homeowner may choose to build a deck railing for their home. A railing instantly creates a nice decorative touch and can make a regular deck look polished and completely finished rather than a project that’s still in work. Along with the nice appearance, a deck railing is also an excellent safety feature to incorporate into a backyard or front of a home. For young children, seniors, and almost anybody, a railing can make walking along the deck much easier and safer. If a homeowner chooses to create a deck on their own instead of purchasing a premade one, they will need to take into consideration many different things and ensure that they build one that is safe and functional.

The first thing that needs to be done before beginning the deck building process is to create a design. Every state has a specific building code associated with decks so it is important that it is followed when creating one. For examples, many states require that the spindles of the railing can be no more than 9 inches apart. Many states also state the railing should be about four feet high, give or take. The design should incorporate all the state requirements, while also fulfilling what the family needs as well. Once a simple outline has been created, the homeowner can begin calculating what supplies they will need. This is when they will figure out how much wood they will need, along with screws, and tools.

Many people choose to 2 x 2 inch wood and then cut it to be appropriate for the spindles. Each spindle should have two holes drilled into them. The bottom hole should be about 1 ½ inches from the floor of the deck, while the top hole should be the same amount from the top of the deck. Following these guidelines will ensure that are the appropriate size. It is important to know that these holes function as simply markers and cannot be bigger than the size of carriage bolts.

After the spindles have been drilled, they will then need to be bolted into place. The homeowner should use an electric screwdriver to bolt each against the bottom of the deck securely. Carriage bolts are the recommended thing to use because they provide both stability and strength to the spindles, which is very essential for it being a proper railing. This is the point where the measurements will shine through. If the homeowner miscalculated the measurements, it will be very noticeable. It is important to go back and fix any mistakes if they are found during this part.

Next, the homeowner should use some 2 x 4 pieces of wood. Each piece will need to be cut to the correct length for the deck. The actual size should have been calculated when the plan was designed earlier on. The pieces of wood will need to be attached to the spindle pieces with screws. Two pieces of 2 x 4 wood are sometimes used to create a joint, which can make them attach more smoothly.

After the deck railing has been built, it is recommended that it is stained to match the coloring of the existing deck. Many home improvement and tool shops provide wood stains for very affordable prices. The homeowner will need to keep in mind the color of their deck and find a stain that closely matches it. The deck railing can then be painted with the stain and left to dry for 24 hours. After a full day has passed, the railing can then be used.

Building a railing for a deck may seem difficult for people who are not familiar with wood projects. However, as long as the proper measurements and planning goes well, it all comes together quite well during construction. Cutting each piece to the exact size and being careful not to make any clumsy mistakes is essential in building a railing that is sufficient and also looks professional. Staining the color of the wood will also make it blend better with the existing deck. With the installation of a deck railing, people can enjoy a deck much more due to the improved safety feature and better appearance as well.

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