A mirror hanging on the back of your bedroom or bathroom door does not have the same quality as that of a free standing mirror. Of course, the effect is the same. You can see and scrutinize yourself, either way. However, as far as decorating and design goes, a free standing floor mirror packs a whole lot more punch than a mirror on the door or wall.

Something about having a free standing mirror gives a sense of beauty and elegance. It’s both chic and classy, giving a modern yet timeless feel. If you need a couple of more reasons to choose a free standing magnifying mirror over a hanging one, you might also consider the practical aspects. You can drape scarves and ties over these standing mirrors or hang necklaces and hats on the posts.

When you hear “free standing mirror”, you might be thinking of your grandmother’s antique mirror that’s been in the attic for years. It’s one of those things you used to play dress-up in front of, but it hasn’t really crossed your mind sense. However, there are many types and sizes of free standing floor mirrors.

Just as with hanging mirrors, there are large and small ones. Full-length standing mirrors are great for checking yourself out in that new dress, pair of jeans, or tuxedo. Medium-sized mirrors stand conveniently on your dresser to provide a place for makeup application or eye-brow plucking. Small standing mirrors can usually be compacted to fit into luggage for easy travel.

If you’re not lucky enough to have one of the full-length mirrors in your attic (or your grandmother’s), you might have to buy one. In this case, you’re looking at about $100-$300. You can find these mirrors in different shades of wood, both dark and light. For little girls, plastic full-length mirrors are also available. You will have to choose between a rectangular and oval mirror.

Free standing vanity mirrors can often be found at garage sales, so before you head out to the local department store, you might do a little neighborhood shopping. Although the wood may not be in the best condition after several years, you can re-paint, distress, or crackle a mirror into something beautiful for your home.

Medium and small-sized free standing makeup mirrors are unusually pricey. Highly modernized and chic mirrors have been seen for several hundred dollars. In fact, many of the smaller sized mirrors are more expensive than the full-length styles! However, if you’re looking for something reasonable, there are many smaller free standing mirrors which cost about $50. Compacting travel mirrors typically fall in the $10-$20 range.

Free standing mirrors are quite beautiful and diverse in design. Antique-looking styles with hinges and posts are common, but more modern, sleek designs are becoming popular. Some free standing mirrors have a sturdy back post much like a picture frame, while others stand on three legs. Free standing vanity mirrors sometimes house storage in the back as well for a practical solution.

Hanging mirrors obviously work just as well as their free standing counterparts, but there is something unusually special about having a free standing unit around. Full-length mirrors are right at home in a little girl’s room for dress-up and pretend play, but also lovely in a master suite for the fashion-loving person. Free standing mirrors are both chic and practical in an artist’s creating space, a fashion-designer’s office, or a makeup artists studio.

If you’re considering buying a mirror, don’t think that your only options include the basic door-hanging mirrors. For those with little space, a free-standing mirror may not be the best choice, but if you have floor or dresser-space to spare, shoppers should certainly consider the ageless beauty and modern sleekness of a stand-alone mirror. They are more than worth the price.

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