Masquerade balls are thought to be a product of the Renaissance in Italy. By covering up their faces, nobility and high ranking persons could dance and seduce anyone they wanted; they were not limited to “appropriate” partners. Masquerade balls spread across Europe, and eventually to the Americas. They were deemed an almost sinful event, and carried on that legacy as the masks have become a staple of Mardi Gras celebration. For those on the hunt for a masquerade party mask, there are a few key points to deliberate on before making a final decision.


Generally, there are four different styles of masquerade party masks. Each has their own benefits, drawbacks, and beauties. All are equal, yet different, so decide which suits your individual needs.

1. Masquerade Half Mask – This is probably the most common type. With an elastic band that goes around the head, the actual mask covers only the top part of the face. Since the mouth is exposed, it accommodates eating, drinking, and talking at the party without the mask muffling. However, a common complaint is that the elastic band can ruin a fancy hair style.

2. Masquerade Full Mask – The full mask is exactly like the half mask, except for the fact that it covers the whole face. It adds to the mystery of not knowing who is behind, but it will likely have to be removed if dinner and drinks are being served at the masquerade party.

3. Masquerade Head Mask – This is the least common style of masquerade party masks. The head mask covers the entire head, front and back. While it allows for greater, more extravagant decorations as well as the most mystery possible, it has the same downfalls of the full mask, plus the discomfort of heat and restriction.

4. Masquerade Stick Mask – The stick mask is the most classic. The full or half mask is mounted on a stick that the wearer will hold over the face. Its elegant appeal can be used as a dramatic covering and can easily be removed to surprise others with your identity at appropriate times. Unfortunately, the stick becomes extremely cumbersome when dancing or performing other two-handed activities.


When it comes to masquerade party masks, there are no rules. However, when it comes to designing an outfit that incorporates a masquerade mask, there are a few helpful guidelines:

  • If you a truly excited about purchasing a specific mask, buy that first, then decide what you will wear. With the minute details of each mask, it is almost impossible to simply match colors; you have to match texture and symbolism as well.
  • Be as glamorous as you wish, but try to avoid outfits or other accessories that will take away from the masquerade party mask.
  • If the party is extremely traditional, women wear white based masks and men wear black. This is often not the case for fun-oriented parties, but it may be fun embrace the ritual.
  • Masks do no often differentiate based on gender, but men tend to gravitate towards solid or two-toned masks. They have a stronger, masculine feel.

Masquerade masks also come in a wide variety of materials. They often have a paper Mache or plastic base, or a more stable substance for the more expensive masks. Some are created to look like a glamorous piece of art filled with mystery. Some are even crafted to represent animals or mythical creatures. All of them are unique and beautiful. Common materials for decoration and design on the masquerade masks may include:

  • Fur
  • Fabric
  • Feathers
  • Jewels
  • Sequins
  • Beads
  • Wires

Masquerade balls are becoming increasingly popular, which means that masquerade party masks are more easily found in local stores. You may opt to purchase one from an online store that specializes in masks. You can even contact a shop that will custom make a mask with your specifications. However, to ensure that the mask is entirely yours, try making one yourself. The base can be purchased at nearly any craft store, along with whatever materials your creative genius wants to incorporate.

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