Nowadays, you literally see sugar in just about every recipe out there. Even some of the lighter desserts that promise to be low in fat are completely loaded with sugar. It is not uncommon for a person to become a diabetic or pre-diabetic because of excess sugar intake. The reason for this is because sugar is in almost everything we eat and drink. Cutting the sugar out of your recipe does not necessarily mean that you are cutting out flavor. There are quite a few different ingredients you can try as a substitute for sugar. The key is to play around with your recipe and different ingredients to see what you like best.

Benefits of Skipping the Sugar in Recipes

The benefits of skipping sugar in your recipes far outweighs the flavor that sugar adds to cakes and pies. One great benefit is that diabetics can still enjoy their favorite desserts without having to worry about excess sugar content. If you are looking to lose weight, sugar alternatives are also often lower in calories and can help with your weight maintenance program.

One thing to keep in mind is that substituting the sugar in your favorite desserts can be easy and completely worthwhile. Your blood sugar levels will be more stabilized despite the fact that you are eating delectable treats after your evening meal. If you are watching your weight or have loved ones who are diabetic, eliminating the sugar in any recipe is a great way to keep people from feeling left out and as though they can not enjoy themselves at functions and parties.

Finding the Right Recipe

When you are looking to bake without using sugar, you first need to find the right recipe. There are thousands of baking recipes that are completely sugar-free that you can make use of. These recipes will more than likely call for artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda, so that you can get rid of sugar content in your food. If you want to bake something that is free of sugar, you will want to look for these types of recipes and follow their directions carefully. Oftentimes, recipes that promise to be sugar-free also keep the sugar content low in other ingredients besides just the sugar. For example, a sugar-free recipe that calls for cocoa powder might say to use the unsweetened variety.

Using Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are your best option when baking without sugar. There are literally dozens of different brands and makes of artificial sweeteners that you can choose from. When looking for this type of product, you should consider looking for a sweetener that is compatible with baking desserts. Certain sweeteners do not blend well when used in batters, so it is a good idea to find a sweetener that is specifically made for baking. Artificial sweeteners can often be found in the baking aisle of your local supermarket near the regular sugar products.

Using Natural Sweeteners in Place of Sugar

If you are afraid of artificial sweeteners because of the bad reputation that they have concerning aspartame, you may want to use natural sweeteners in place of sugar for your recipes. Honey is a great alternative to sugar and adds delicious sweetness that rivals most other products on store shelves. Be sure to get natural or organic honey that is in its rawest form. Another sweetener you can try would be maple syrup, but it is important that you get a sugar-free variety from the store. Most maple syrup has a lot of sugar in it and can increase sugar content greatly when used in baked items.

Keeping an Eye on Other Ingredients

It is important that you also keep an eye on other ingredients if you are trying to keep your recipe sugar-free. Just concentrating on replacing the sugar in your cake batter may not be eliminating all of the sugar. Cocoa powder, if it is not the unsweetened variety, has a lot of sugar in it. The same can be applied to chocolate chips and even the type of frosting that you use on cakes and cupcakes. Keeping everything sugar-free may seem difficult, but it really only takes a little more planning on your part.

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