Of all the home improvement projects that you can choose to do, the renovation of a kitchen has the potential to both raise the value of your home and your blood pressure. With a little advance planning and preparation on your part, you can actually enjoy the process.

First: Set yourself a budget and work hard to stick to it. The renovation of a kitchen can be a major project if you don’t determine ahead of time what you intend to invest.

Second: Determine your style and the basic main ideas you want included in your new kitchen. Check the latest styles in remodeling magazines or roam the isles of your local home improvement center. Make notes of the things you like and the things you don’t like.

Third: Decide if you can do the work yourself and if not, find yourself a reputable, experienced and bonded contractor. Talk with friends and family who have had work done. Get references where you can and actually go and inspect their work when at all possible

Once the initial decisions have been made, if you are going to do the work yourself the real work begins.

First: If you are going to refinish or paint your existing cabinets you will need to pack up and move any items that may be damaged or destroyed by the process.

Second: Protect countertop and flooring surfaces. Plastic sheeting can be purchased to cover exposed surfaces but taping newspapers or old sheets to these areas can save you a little money.

Third: Painting and refinishing existing cabinets requires that you clean and properly prepare the surface to be changed. Some processes will only require cleaning with detergents to remove any grease and dirt and some processes will require that the surface be sanded. Read the directions that come with the product of your choice!

Fourth: Before beginning to paint or refinish your cabinets vacuum the areas to be treated and consider wiping with a damp cloth, especially if you have sanded, to get up all particles that might get into your paint and onto your cabinets while working. This one step will insure a cleaner and more professional surface when you are through.

Fifth: Paint or refinish your cabinets. Be sure to allow the proper amount of drying time before attempting to clean up and replace your kitchen items.

If you are planning to have your countertops replaced this is work that should be done only by the experts, especially if you are replacing them with the new solid surfaces such as granite or marble. When deciding on a replacement countertop such as granite, you should also determine ahead of time if there is sufficient support under your home to handle the weight of this type countertop.

Whether you decide you want ceramic tile or one of the new laminate floors, flooring is another project that you can tackle yourself if you have confidence and take care to read the instructions for the particular flooring you choose.

Painting walls can make a drastic change in any room. It is certainly the most economical way to renovate your kitchen. When choosing paint for kitchen walls go for a paint that can be easily cleaned.

Renovating a kitchen can be as simple as painting the walls or as complex as completely gutting and remodeling. Regardless of what your budget will allow, and what you decide to do, preparing yourself ahead of time will go a long way toward making this project more enjoyable to do

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