The windows are known as the eyes of a building, so why not add some make-up to those peepers to make them gorgeous? Making your own window treatments is a great way to add a lively look to your windows. This do-it-yourself project is relatively inexpensive compared to purchasing readymade window treatments. Take a trip to the local craft or fabric shop; they should have a wide assortment of materials, patterns, and ideas. Homemade window treatments are a wonderful gift to share with friends and family.

The first step in making window treatments is deciding what style enhances a room. Many different varieties of window treatments are curtains, blinds, shades, and swags. Each type offers a distinct set of benefits. For individuals with children, curtains are a good choice. Blinds usually end up ripped or bent from the kids playing with them. Pets should also be taken into consideration when selecting window treatments. Shades are recommended for cat owners. Sometimes a combination of blinds and curtains can be used for extra protection from the sun. It is also an excellent way for people who work graveyard shift to get the sleep they need, by limiting the amount of light that enters the room.

Window treatment fabric should be chosen with a couple factors in mind. The view from the window is the first thing to contemplate. Does the window overlook another home or building? If so, the window treatments should be selected for privacy; therefore, the fabric determined should be a heavy duty material, like brocade. A heavy material is a good way to help control the room’s temperature. A sheer fabric is appropriate when the window shows a spectacular view, such as a garden or lake. This see-through material will act as an accent for the pretty picture it showcases.

Next, it’s time to pick out a scheme for the window treatments. Survey the room in which the window treatments will be in. Take note of the room’s décor. If the room belongs to a child entertain the idea of letting the child pick out their own configuration. There are a multitude of colors, weaves, and designs to choose from. Warm, neutral, and pastel colors are known to be restful, so these are great choices for bedrooms. Lacy or sheer style curtains look fantastic in living rooms paired with a heavier bold colored panel framing them.

Do you want a professional look with lots of accents, or a more sedated presentation? For a designer appearance try an elegant puddling look. To achieve this, add up to twenty inches to the ends of the drapes allowing the fabric to pool towards the bottom. This effect is best done with lightweight materials such as silk. Another adornment to think about is banding. Banding is adding a solid band of color to the material. The illusion of your windows being shorter is created by using a horizontal border. To give the impression of length, apply vertical lines. Using contrasting colors or adding ruffles will highlight the visual depth of your window treatments.

Below are two methods to create simple window treatments. To assemble fabric shades measure the window, then cut the fabric to be a couple inches larger than the measurements. Next, place the pieces on top of each other, and sew them together. To hang the shades pin a ribbon to the top of the shades. These easy curtains are constructed by measuring the window. Cut the material about eight inches longer than the true window measurements.

This will allow room for a hem at the bottom, and placement for the rod pocket on top. Use a sewing machine to hem the bottom of the material. Another way to produce a hem is by purchasing bonding tape and heating with an iron. If a professional look is desired, fold over half an inch of material and hem the sides of the curtain. The top of the curtain should have a larger hem to leave room for the rod. If the curtains will have two panels just repeat the steps for the second panel. There are many more styles of window treatments available to make. Visit the local craft store, and search through their treatment patterns.

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