Every homeowner is well aware of the fact that certain pests are much more difficult to get rid of than others, and it can be nearly impossible to completely eradicate wasps if the proper steps are not followed. While many other insects are simply a nuisance, the sting of a wasp is painful and can even cause a severe allergic reaction. Because wasps often swarm together and attack all at once, failure to properly take care of a wasp problem could even result in serious injury or death, particularly in small children or older individuals with a weaker heart. By following this simple guide, an individual can make sure that they are taking the proper steps that will work without placing anyone at great risk.

Popular, But Improper Methods

There are certainly many methods that individuals have been using for years, but most of them pose a significant risk and don’t adequately take care of the problem. Simply squirting a small nest off the front of the house, for example, may knock it clear. However, removing the nest doesn’t do anything to take care of the actual problem. Not to mention the fact that the wasps will become angry and will swarm around the area stinging anything and everything they can for several hours. Shooting a paper nest out of a tree with some type of shotgun is also very popular, but very foolish as well for the same reasons. Only appropriate methods should be considered in order to ensure the safety of everyone around.

Killing Wasps Correctly

The first and most important step is to figure out exactly where the wasps are coming from. Without properly treating the nest, the wasps will just continue to return and will be angrier than ever. There are several types of nests to look for:

  • Paper Nests Found in Tree Branches
  • Small Budding Nests Built Along the Underside of the Eaves of the House
  • Holes in the Wood Fascia Boards on the House
  • Holes in the Ground

After the nest is actually located, the wasps should be left alone and everybody should stay clear of the area. During the daytime hours, multiple wasps will be coming and going from the nest. It is necessary to destroy the nest only when all of the wasps are actually inside, or the problem could potentially return. All bees are busiest during the day, and return in the evening and will remain calm until the early morning hours. A person should be sure to take advantage of the fact that the bees are sleeping and not swarming around the nest.

Only reputable wasp sprays should be trusted, and it is important to realize that a product that does not work as indicated could present a serious hazard to the consumer trying to kill a nest. Any specific instructions on the actual bottle should be followed, but the method will remain virtually the same. The top should be carefully removed and the can should be shaken for at least a minute. Consumers must look on the can and determine how far the spray will actually go, and this will help them decide how close to get to the nest.

A consumer should start spraying the nest when they are ready, and the most important thing is not to stop until it has been adequately covered with poison. The wasps will be killed immediately and will begin to drop out of the nest. Any pets and children should be kept out of the area until the next day, but it will then be safe to resume all normal activities and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about stinging pests.


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