Many garage doors are “Non-Insulated” and allow a great loss of heating and cooling if your garage is attached to your house.

Insulating the interior of the garage door is easy and provides a substantial cost savings on your energy bills. To see if your garage door does have insulation already installed, with the garage door in a fully closed position:

Garage Door Interior Closed

If the garage does is “Non Insulated” you will be able to see the back of the metal panels, If the garage door is already insulated the interior side of the door will look like the image below:

Garage Door Interior Closed Non-Insulated

If you determine that your garage door is not insulated and wish to keep the temperatures more comfortable within your garage and save money on utility bills keep reading.
This is a very easy project which can be done in a few hours, Just follow the instructions and you will be impressed on the difference this project will make.


  • Tape Measure
  • Utility knife and extra blades
  • Straight edge 3’ft – 4’ft long (A solid piece of wood with a straight edge or yard stick)
  • Safety Glasses


  • ¾” or 1” foil faced foam insulation (Measure garage door opening – Height x width = SF)
  • Example – If your garage door opening is 7’ x 8’ it would require 56 Square Feet of insulation
  • 1-2 rolls of 1-1/2” aluminum foil metal tape or duct tape – The metal tape is the best

How to install the insulation:

Garage Door Install
  1. Measure the opening as shown above (Example is 1’3 5/8” Tall x 3’9 ½” wide) * Note your measurements may vary depending on style and size of door
  2. Add 1” to the height of the opening (Example 1’3 5/8” +1” = 1’4 5.8”) This will allow the insulation to be held in place by the hinged frame rails
  3. Place the insulation board on a flat surface such as your drive way. Mark the measurements on the foil side of the insulation and gently cut the insulation board to the proper size
  4. Place the piece you cut into the lower hinge rail and then gently bend the insulation into the top hinge rail and release
  5. Complete the job by doing the same thing to each panel and installing the foil metal tape or duct tape around all 4 side of each panel your installed the insulation board in.
  6. CAUTION: Do not allow the tape to cover the joint in the hinge rail or interfere with the rollers on either side of the door.
  7. After complete open the garage door and make sure that nothing binds or comes into contact with other surfaces or moving parts


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