With summer fast approaching that also means the spread of fleas. Getting rid of fleas naturally may be easier than you think. All you need is a little bit of imagination and some of your general household cleaning products. It is always a good thing to vacuum your carpets at least 2 times a week even before you spot a flea. Make sure that you pay special attention to high traffic areas and the places that your pet spends most of its time. By vacuuming you are physically removing the eggs, larvae, and adult insects.

If your bed has a special chair or piece of furniture in which the spend a lot of time on it is important to vacuum that as well. Always make sure that when you are done vacuuming that you empty, seal and dispose of the vacuum bag because it is very easy for the adult fleas to climb back out of the bags. Make sure that you wash rugs and floor mats with extremely hot water or in your washing machine on hot. Make sure each rug and mat dries completely because if they do not that can cause a humid breeding ground for the bugs.

After you have done the first steps you will want to make your own flea remedy mixing 3 cups of diatomaceous earth for every three cups of boric acid. You will want to sprinkle this powder lightly over your carpets, under the beds, and in the closets. While you are doing this it is important to remember to wear a safety mask so that you are not inhaling these chemicals which can make you sick and be harmful to your health. After you have finished sprinkling the powder you will need to take a broom and work the powder deep into the carpet. You will need to let it sit in the carpets for 2 days after which you will then vacuum it up.

Another recipe in which you can use is 8 parts cleaning powder to one part table salt. You will need to follow the same instructions as above, the only difference it that instead of vacuuming after 2 days, you will need to let this sit in your carpets for one week. The way that these powders work is that they dry out the fleas habitat and they dehydrate both the larvae and adults.

When you would like to treat your lawn it is important to remember that fleas are unable to survive where direct sunlight is shining. They are able to survive in the shade and areas in which are moist. So when treating your lawn do not treat the areas that the direct sunlight is hitting. A substance that you can use is the diatomaceous earth in any pet runs that you may have and moist shaded areas.

Another thing that will be beneficial to your lawn will be nematode Steinernema carpocapsa and it comes in a spray that is available at your local garden store or you can also purchase it online. The tiny parasitic worms that are in this will feed on and destroy fleas and their larvae. It is important to only spray this in the shaded areas as well. And if you see a further re infestation occur then it is important to make sure that you spray again.

When you are trying to get rid of fleas naturally it is easier than you think. You will not need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive chemicals and companies to come you and kill your fleas for you. With a little patience and these chemicals you can be on your way to getting your home and pets flea free.


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