You are combing your pet and find a tiny little bug, a flea! Perhaps using a flea prevention medication or collar would have been good because now you have to get rid of the fleas. Simply getting rid of the fleas on your pet isn’t all that you have to do. After all, nearly 70% of the flea eggs that were on your pet will become dislodged within your home. The dog’s bedding and carpets provide a great home for the larvae to hide. So paying attention to this step by step guide on how to effectively get rid of fleas in the house will solve your problem.

Many people believe they shouldn’t use pesticides so will merely take a flea comb and comb the fleas out of their pets’ fur. The only problem with this is that is doesn’t remove the fleas that fell off of your pet nor tackle the problem of flea eggs. These people often find themselves with an out of control flea problem when those eggs begin to hatch. While you can start out with a flea comb, the best solution is to give all of the pets in your home a flea bath. During bathtime, you can go around the house vacuuming all the carpets and mopping the floors with vinegar. It all depends on how long the fleas were on your pet and in your house to know if this will truly work. Most of the time, you will take your pet out of the bath, some fleas will have remained, and that flea hatches into hundreds more.

To effectively get rid of fleas in the house, you need to take every measure to ensure the fleas are gone. If the fleas have been present for a good while, the eggs and larvae will be all over everything inside your home. It usually takes two days for adult fleas to emerge, though some economic conditions and temperatures can delay the eggs from hatching up to even a month. So you might not know you effectively dealt with the situation until further down the road. Remove your pet’s bedding and wash them thoroughly. If you want to start fresh, throw away the bedding and buy new. Vacuum the house thoroughly. Vaccuum under furniture, inside couch cushions, around the corners of your house. When you are done, remove the bag or debris from the vacuum and take outside. Then vacuum again and go through the same process. Vacuuming can stimulate the adult fleas to hatch from their eggs so ensure you vacuum daily just in case any have hatched between vacuuming.

If there is a way you can remove your pet from the home for a few days, this is your best bet. If not, try to keep them secluded to a non-carpeted area and check them daily with a flea comb to ensure no fleas have gotten to them. This is a non-pesticide route to go to ensure your pet nor family is subjected to any type of presticides.

Hanging a flea trap might also be a good idea so those that you miss go there instead of reinfecting your home and pets. There are also organic solutions you can put both inside and outside your home to control the flea population, such as nematodes. Be sure to effectively research whatever you use to ensure the safety of others.

If all else fails, you might have to go ahead and use pesticides. Whether you use an over the counter spray to bomb the house or hire somebody to come in and spray, this is how to effectively kill the fleas. If safety is a concern to you, seek a hotel for a couple of days while your home airs out. Some very common pesticides have gotten a bad rep for causing serious side effects so check what is in the chemical before using it. Do bear in mind there is a certain type of poison in any pesticide to kill the fleas so ensure you clean all surface areas when you reenter the home to remove any further residue. Thoroughly clean off countertops, cabinets, floors, and all furniture you or your pets have access to.


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