Nobody likes having spiders invade the home. These unwanted creepy crawlies can show up in the smallest of spaces and crevices. Although nature provides a distinct purpose for the population of spiders, they are not welcome in most every home. Knowing an effective way of how to repel spiders before these pests invade the home is generally the best defense. Before addressing the problem with a practical solution, it’s helpful to know some common facts.

Spiders are very adaptable and resilient creatures. They can survive and breed in most any situation, which is why it’s likely to find them in any corner of the house. That notable fact aside, the most common areas these pests are likely to invade are damp places such as the basement, attic or garage. Knowing how to deter spiders and preventing an infestation in the home is not that difficult. Employing a little ingenuity and strategy is half the battle.

Many people are reluctant to use chemicals or insecticides in or around the home, and for good reason. When children and pets and present, this is not the safest approach. Therefore, it is a good idea to use some type of natural deterrent or insect repellent which will not emit noxious fumes.

It’s a known fact that spiders unequivocally have a distaste for certain things. Citrus fruit is one such food they will stay clear of. This group includes lemons, oranges and limes. If spiders sense citrus is nearby it will repel them and keep them at bay. Citrus essential oils can be purchased, or they can be made by squeezing the juice of the fruit and adding equal parts of water inside a spray bottle. This mixture can be sprayed along baseboards inside the house. It also can be used in basements, closets, attics, windowsills, doorways, etc.

If essential oils are to be used, it’s important to note they should not come in direct contact with pets, as it might be irritating to their respiratory systems. This is especially true for cats, and as a precautionary statement be advised essential oils can cause liver or kidney problems for kitty if the feline comes in direct contact.

Hedge apples or Osage orange has been used for ages as a natural repellent for spiders. In an air conditioned environment, these fruits can remain unspoiled for a few months. They are non toxic and safe around pets.

Another natural spider repellent is eucalyptus. This is not to suggest leaving a trail of cough drops along the floor. A more practical solution would be to decorate the home with eucalyptus leaves. It’s a fact that spiders absolutely detest them! This is likely due to the chemical that is found in eucalyptus. In any case, keeping some leaves in areas where spiders have been spotted will naturally keep them away. An added bonus is a fresh and pleasant smelling home or basement area.

It might not be as common as other methods, but chestnuts have been known to repel spiders. Tossing a handful in spaces where spiders are known to habituate could be an effective way of controlling the problem. Perhaps placing a bunch in a basket in the bathroom or other areas of the house would be more practical. Alternately, cedar chips can be used as well.

Of course it seems like a logical solution, but this can be applied to most any situation of insect infestation. The simple fact is, keeping the home immaculately clean and spotless will help as well. A few crumbs on the floor might go unnoticed by the homeowner, but it definitely will be detected by hungry pests.

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