Perhaps you have found that the local squirrel society has overrun your backyard and you are tired of it. If you are finally ready to do something about the squirrel menace infesting your property, then it is time to catch the squirrels and relocate them to a nearby nature preserve or unused woodlands. Although these animals are smart and clever too, they are not smarter than you once you are properly armed with the knowledge of how to effectively catch these little devils. This article goes through the step by step directions for how to trap and remove unwanted squirrels.

Materials and Items Necessary:

– Live Animal Trapping License, as necessary
– A Squirrel Trap
– Squirrel Bait

Observation and Prep Work

Although this is a moderately challenging project, most anyone with some patience and an ability to follow instructions can do it. The first thing that you will have to learn is where the squirrels spend their time. If you possess a bird feeder, then you can be sure that the squirrel is already helping himself to your bird food on a more frequent basis than are the birds. Since this is the food source for the pest, then this is where you will place your trap.

Buy a good trap for live animals, such as rabbits, squirrels, and other tiny creatures. All that you need is a one door trap for squirrels. These are great and can generally be obtained at the local feed and supply store.

Placing the Squirrel Trap

Take your trap and put it wherever it is that you see your squirrel spends much of his time while trespassing on your property. This might be the bird feeder. Secure it in its place by placing either bricks or a heavier rock atop it.

Setting the Squirrel Trap

Place squirrel food inside of the trap. Do not set it just yet. The goal is to attract the squirrel to the trap itself. You want for him to become curious about the trap, and then trusting of it, while he is attempting to reach the food inside of the trap, for several days.

To do this, you will need to take out the bird feeder and any other supply of food on offer in your backyard. Once this has been accomplished, and the squirrel has had the necessary time to understand that this trap is now his only source of food on your property, you are ready to set the trap. Follow the instructions with which the trap came from the feed and supply store.

Catching the Squirrel

Keep a close watch on your trap. It is very likely that you will find that you have caught the squirrel rather swiftly once you have actually set the trap. Be humane once the vermin is your prisoner. Take him to a woodlands or park, not to close to your property so that he is able to find his way easily back, then release him. Once you have managed to do this a single time, it will be easy to repeat the success. Go through all of the directions as many times as is necessary to eradicate the squirrel plague from your backyard. When you have successfully accomplished this, you can put back your bird feeder and sleep in peace, knowing that only the birds are once again enjoying its contents.

Suggestions and Cautions

Effective squirrel bait is not hard to find. They love sunflower seeds, corn, suet cakes, and peanuts. Remember to take the squirrel minimally five miles away from your house so that he does not return within the week. Do not leave the squirrel for a long period, such as overnight, in the trap. It will die like that.

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