One of the lasting mysteries of domestic life is how to properly fold a fitted bedsheet. Many years ago when women spent a majority of their time at home folding a fitted sheet was common knowledge. As women spend more time away from home the knowledge of how to fold a sheet and the determiniation to know how has somewhat dissipated. Anyone who now lives on their own and who cares to live in an orderly environment may now be wondering how exactly to get those fitted sheets to lie nice and flat in their linen cabinets instead of keeping them in disorganized lumps.

For someone who is a novice to taking care of the home and doing the laundry it may com as no suprise that folding a fitted bedsheet may at first also come with an extreme case of puzzlement. The lasting question of how one is supposed to fold those stretchy corners of the fitted bedsheet together and get them to stay folded no longer has to remain unanswered. It is quite easy to fold it the first time and if you do not succeed, try and try again.

Start by laying the fitted bedsheet on top of a flat surface where it can easily be spread out and folded. After some practice it may be possible to fold the sheet without having to use a large surface but in order to properly fold it at first use a surface that is large. A table may be too small a surface to work on top of and it is never very convenient to crawl around on the floor in order to fold up a sheet. Spreading the sheet out on the bed itself is one of the best ways to fold a fitted sheet because it is a large enough surface to spread it out on and it is not too low or high off the ground to fold while standing up.

Take one of the elasticized corners in your hand and find the seam or imaginary seam where the sheet would follow up the corner edge of the mattress. Find that point and use your pointer finger to hold and lift it while using your other hand to bring over the opposite corner of the sheet. The entire sheet will then be folded once lengthwise but before you set it down on the bed fold the sheet in half so that the third fitted corner is tucked beneath the other two folded corners. The sheet can then be set down and it will then resemble a flat sheet with two folded corners. If you have done it right the sheet will lay flat in a rectangle shape and will not be a dysmorphic blob bubbling up at the sides with untucked elastic.

Once you have made the rectangular and smooth shape that should be created after tucking under the corners of the sheet the sheet can then be folded into a more compact and rectangular shape. While at the start of the fitted sheet folding saga it may have seemed as though it could never have been formed into a geometric shape it may from this point become very easy to see how the sheet can be folded and formed into a compact shape.

Though the sheet should now lie flat on it’s own, smooth out the corners so that the sheet lays as flat as possible. The sheet can then be folded over twice to make it into a nice size that will fit inside of a linen closet on a shelf. It does not really matter how the sheet is folded once the preliminary folds have been made correctly. The sheet can be folded two or three times until it reaches about half the size of a decorative pillow, or about 12 by 6 inches for a queen sized fitted sheet. Congratulations! You have now learned how to fold a fitted sheet and your linen closet will no longer be that extra step away from being a neat and arranged space.

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