Sweet potatoes are a perennial American favorite. Also known as yams, this deliciously succulent and sweet vegetable is a fall time favorite served in millions of homes across the country every Thanksgiving. Pie is of course another sweet delicacy loved by millions and one of the most often ordered desserts in the United States. Combining sweet potatoes and pie together seems like an obvious choice.

Unfortunately, not everyone has tried this delicacy. Here is a recipe you can use to bake sweet potato pie, so you can try it yourself. This recipe is for baking two pies. However, you can divide it or multiply the amount of ingredients if you wish to bake one, three, or more pies.

First, take three large sweet potatoes and place them on a baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the oven and cook the sweet potatoes at three-hundred and fifty degrees for forty-five minutes.

When you take them out of the oven, stab one of the potatoes with a fork. It should enter easily with little resistance. If not, place the sweet potatoes back in the oven and cook for longer until you can stab them with little resistance. Once you are finished cooking the sweet potatoes, let them sit for fifteen minutes to cool.

Once they have cooled off, peel the sweet potatoes and discard the peels. Next, cut the sweet potatoes into chunks of about two square inches in size. Now take a hand mixer and drop in the chunks.

On top of the chunks in the mixer, add one stick of butter, one cup of sugar, one cup of brown sugar, one teaspoon of ground nutmeg, one half teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and one eighth teaspoon of ground ginger. Now blend all these ingredients together at a medium speed until the sweet potatoes appear to be very mashed.

Now take a separate bowl and break three eggs into the bowl. Add three fourths of a cup of milk to the eggs and beat them together until they are blended. Next, take this mixture and pour it into the mixer with the sweet potatoes and spices. Beat all these ingredients together until they appear to be very well blended.

Now prepare your pie shells or pie pans by following the instructions on the packaging or the recipe for pie crust you will be using. Once your pie shells are ready, pour the mixture into the shells. Make sure to poor the mixture so it fills the shells evenly. Next, you should tap the pie pans on the counter. This will allow the filling to level out and settle into the pie shells.

Next, preheat your oven to three-hundred and fifty degrees. Once the oven is pre-heated, place the pie pans on the middle rack of your oven. Now bake the pies for one hour. Check on them occasionally to see how brown the filling of the pie is. The filling should not be browner than a pumpkin pie is.

Once the pies are finished, take them out of the oven and leave them to sit at room temperature for at least one hour to cool. The last step of course is to slice and serve the pie. Perhaps add some whipped cream or cool whip on top of the pie slices just as you would for pumpkin pie.

If you cooked this recipe correctly, you and your family should be immensely enjoying this delicious dessert. While sweet potato pie is certainly something that would seem to be seasonal with the fall, no one will complain if you offer them a slice of this scrumptious pastry anytime of the year.


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