The chuck is from the neck and shoulder area of an animal. The meat is generally tough with lots of gristle added in. Therefore, cooking chuck steak can be quite a tricky endeavor, but you will discover the best methods by reading on.

There are four main methods for cooking chuck steak. Before cooking the steak, let it defrost in a refrigerator for one day. Cook immediately after steak is done defrosting. Each method requires that you marinate the meat. The best way to marinate the steak is to soak it in vinegar, lime juice and your favorite spices. Let the steak marinate for 12 hours before cooking.

The first method for cooking chuck steak is traditional broiling. Broiling is suitable for the top blade, chuck eye, shoulder and seven-bone portions of the meat. The main advantage to broiling chuck steak is that it is fairly quick, taking less than 15 minutes. The downside is that the steak could become burned if left unattended and it doesn’t get as tender as other methods. Below are the steps for broiling a chuck steak.

After marinating the steak, place it on a broiler pan For medium-rare, set your oven to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, for medium set it to 160 degrees Place the steak in the oven about three inches from the flame Broil for five to eight minutes, turn the steak then broil for another five minutes

The next method to cooking a delicious chuck steak is grilling. Grilling allows you to cook the top blade, shoulder and seven-bone steaks. As for every method, first marinate the steak. Let the coals burn for at least 30 minutes before cooking to ensure you have the hottest coals possible. If cooking via gas grill, start whenever. Below are the steps for grilling the steak.

It is your choice: cut the meat into pieces or place upon a skewer Place the pieces of meat directly above the heat source Average grilling time is 15 minutes, but may vary depending on meat thickness

Another method for preparing chuck steak is Pan-Fry. Pan-Frying is suitable for top blade, shoulder and the chuck eye portions of the steak. Pan-Frying is very easy to accomplish and it doesn’t create too much of a mess. Marinate the steak and then prepare your pan for frying. Follow the steps below to ensure you Pan-Fry correctly.

Place the skillet over medium heat, wait until pan is hot to the touch Place the steak in the pan. Cook until the inside is at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Check using a meat thermometer to ensure food is safe for consumption.

The final method for cooking chuck steak is braising. The good news is that all parts of the chuck steak are suitable for braising. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time – up to four hours to complete the cooking. Before getting started, make sure the steak is marinated and your pan is prepared.

Pour about an inch of oil in a deep pan and heat until boiling Cook the steak in the oil until it is brown on both sides After this, add your favorite cooking liquid and seasonings Reduce heat and continue to simmer for 3 ½ to four hours

Cooking chuck steak can be complicated since the meat is often very tough. Following the methods laid out before you however, you should be able to cook a chuck steak that everyone will enjoy.


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